A few weeks ago, I came to hear of a new skin spa and skincare line. Founded by Melissa Chen, a beauty expert who’s been in the industry for the past 27 years, she currently has two skin spas located in One Utama shopping mall and Sunway Giza.

melissachens skincare line and skin spa was founded on the philosophy of feeling good and looking good. According to Melissa, “What ultimately drives me is my passionate belief that true happiness comes with beautiful skin, and my desire to help women and men to nurture and sustain timeless skin health and radiance effortlessly“. Amongst the many things Melissa shared with us, she believes that skin ailments such as eczema and acne can be combated easily if sufferers are aware of the skin type they have. One of the things I picked out was that sensitive skin can cause these problems; hence, Melissa developed a skincare line devoted to sensitive skin. There are other skincare lines devoted to anti-aging, hydration and acne concerns.

A selection of skincare from the melissachens line

We had the chance to test out a few products there. All the products are purported to be made of natural ingredients, and I noticed that there were a lot of products that had a fruit-based stem cell extract, which helps in skin restructuring. All products are made in Switzerland.

Currently I’m testing out the sensitive skin product samples, and I’ll report back shortly once I see how it fares on my skin.

The founder of melissachens, Melissa Chen

In the meantime, check out their official Facebook page. The first 300 ‘likes’ can walk away with one free eye cream sample, one free skin analysis and 50% off your first facial treatment.


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