Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great, restful, fabulous, busy, chilled-out, relaxing, <insert every positive adjective conceivable> weekend.

To start off the week, let’s review the SEPHORA COLLECTION Mineral Foundation Compact. Spoiler alert: I kinda like this compact :).

Sorry if the picture looks kinda blurry. I assure you that it’s not, but thanks to my burgeoning (read: almost non-existent) photography skills, very basic point-and-shoot camera (that I do love because it’s shock-proof and brushed metallic orange) and flash, the words created a shadow on the compact.

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Mineral Foundation Compact is a mineral-based powder foundation which is talc-, allergen-, fragrance- and paraben-free. The SEPHORA website quotes:

This silky foundation provides buildable coverage and protects skin with an SPF 10, while the long-wearing formula creates a luminous finish […] Use the dual-sided sponge to achieve your desired look: the fuzzy white side for light coverage, or the black spongy side for full coverage.

I was color-matched to shade D30. This compact comes in a few shades (fair, medium, tan/dark) and most importantly, SEPHORA came up with two undertone shades. The ‘D’ in D30 means Dore (Gold in French), which means it’s suitable for warm or yellow undertones. ‘R’ or Rose (pink) is suitable for those with cool undertones.

Here’s how the compact looks like. I like the SEPHORA logo embossing on the compact, but it disappeared within two weeks of usage. Apologies again for the bad flash and lighting. D30 is not that light. I have medium skin tones similar to Connie of SkinDeco, just for your reference.

When you flip the compact powder, you’ll find a mirror and your dual-sided sponge carefully encased. It’s a pretty slim sponge and a little flimsy, so I haven’t bothered to use it since I apply all my face make-up with brushes. I did do a test run because the white side is meant for lighter coverage compared to the black one. My verdict on the dual-sided sponge? You can use it for touch-ups but maybe not for the initial application, especially if you want more even coverage. Brushes FTW!

Overall verdict:

  • Coverage was sheer-medium. I still needed a concealer for stubborn spots, but this mineral compact did not cake on my pimples.
  • It’s not an overly powdery compact, which I really like. The texture was quite reminiscent to the older Lancome Maquicake compact which I reviewed here. It’s very silky and applied evenly.
  • No break-outs or clogged pores. If anything, SEPHORA’s Mineral Foundation Compact lived up to the ‘mineral makeup’ promise of taking care of my skin.
  • Great for touch-ups.
  • Didn’t do much for oil control but it’s not a drying compact either, so I think this compact should be suitable for most skin types. I tried this when my skin was both oily and now dry (ARGH) and my face felt comfortable (or well, normal) on both occasions.
  • Lots of product for a good price! This is 10g worth of product and it was RM69, which is heaps cheaper than most high-end mineral make-up.
  • Gotta give props to SEPHORA for attempting to fit both cool and warm undertones. However, it would be great if there were more shade ranges. I find D30 a little too light but over the day it settles into my skin tone, whereas D35 (the next shade) was too dark.
  • Don’t think you can use this like a two-way cake though, so heavier coverage may not be achievable.
  • Random tip: No concealer? You can use a moistened concealer brush and swipe as much of the mineral compact product onto your offending zit or spot. I usually spritz some Vichy or Evian water onto the brush, give it a quick pat/shake and then swipe. Then follow with normal application of the foundation. This tip worked pretty well for the SEPHORA compact but not so much for my Lancome one.

I’d definitely repurchase this, since I’m happy with the coverage and price, and everything else that I’ve written up there. Also, I’d repurchase since I am the budget/aunty/kiam-siap (miserly?) half of this blog (not saying that ksuan isn’t, but hey, I just wanted to label myself ;)). My only serious gripe is I have no idea how to depot this because it’s quite a fat compact and no refills are sold, so do share any ideas on how to depot this. And yes…I do have a reason to depot it…since I recently acquired two UNII palettes. Wait…wasn’t I supposed to be the budget-conscious blogger here?


For those who have their go-to foundations, I would suggest to check this out because it’s great for travel, easy on the wallet, and this would last for about 6-8 months depending on your usage. I daresay I could stretch this to almost a year as I don’t really use a lot, and after a month’s worth of solid usage (every single day), I’ve barely made a dent in this. So go on to your nearest SEPHORA store and check it out.


3 thoughts on “Review: SEPHORA COLLECTION Mineral Foundation Compact

  1. I like the price of the Sephora branded makeup too (kiamsiapness FTW). I bought a powder, but not the mineral one. Next time.

    I was also thinking of trying out the liquid foundation because it’s also under RM100 (haha) and I had just run out.

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