Over the weekend I met up with some friends for breakfast, and I was saying how I was unable to use my NAKED palette because it’s too pretty and hard to get. One of the girls said, “But it’s PERMANENT” and I went, “Oh yeah…” so I knocked myself on the head and told myself that I’d better try it out.

I do have photos, but I’ve decided not to post them because NAKED’s been around for yonks and you can find heaps of photos out there.

The other reason I chose not to upload photos is because I’m kinda disappointed with the palette.

No, really. I’m wearing it now at work and it’s put a bit of a dampener on my mood. I’ll go with the trusty PROS & CONS list:

It looks beautiful, the packaging is nice, comes with 2 freebies: an eye brush and a mini UD primer potion.

Color payoff is poor. Maybe it’s the particular palette I have but the  pigmentation is BAD. I’ve looked at other swatches and I can’t get the same color payoff. I mixed Virgin with a bit of Buck and Naked this morning, and I ended up with muddy colors. Using the eye brush provided also exasperated me to no end. The bristles are firm, like a concealer brush, and picked up lots of shadow but didn’t distribute it on the lid. I always use an eye primer so I was very surprised when I ended up getting barely any color to show on my lids. It’s utterly ridiculous.

As you can probably tell, I am a tad bit upset because I bought into the hype and I’m finding that this particular palette isn’t working for me at all. Even the shimmery colors which seemed promising fell flat.

So for one, I’m not totally feeling the palette, but I am willing to use it and see how I can make it work. This is just my 2 cents though.


19 thoughts on “Quickie Review: Urban Decay NAKED

  1. That’s very odd! I’ve always thought UD shadows to not be of the best quality (I had the get baked palette) but Naked gave me pretty decent color payoff and texture. I’ve never tried using the brush from the palette though. I just use my regular brushes.

    • You’re right Connie – I have 2 UD singles and they were gritty. I tested Naked in Sephora and fell in love, then this morning I tried it and I was disappointed. I’m glad to hear your palette finally arrived though! After so long! Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow with a different brush and the UD primer.

  2. I’m thinking that it maybe the brush. I’ve learnt that synthetic bristles maybe soft but they aren’t great for picking up colour. Use another natural hair brush or even your fingers and pat/dab on the colour. You might find it works better. That said, I’ve never had a problem with getting colours to show up in the Naked palette.

  3. Synthetic eye brushes are usually only good for cream / liquid products, so I won’t bother with the UD brush. I’ve had pretty good colour payoff using natural hair brushes, in fact the pigment is awesome (yeah, I broke into my virgin Naked too).

  4. Hi, it was interesting to read your review about UD’s Naked palette. I’m a fan of UD for their bright colours but I’ve learnt that when it comes to using UD’s palettes, it’s best to mix their eyeshadows with other brands or contrast with other colours. Either that or use their brighter shades as a statement eyeliner.

    Maybe to make your eyes pop more with the Naked palette, you can try using liquid liner to define them more? Plus mascara.That’s what I do when I accidentally load on to much brownish shadow which may make my eye area look flatter than they already are! 🙂 Just my two cents’ worth.

  5. Yeah, tbh, I don’t like it either…but then I’ve never been a brown neutrals kinda gal. I do however want the 15th anniversary palette – ooh, the colours look gorge!

    • hullo Ling – yeah, I’m still trying to work on it. Connie gave me heaps of tips so I’ll be trying her tips soon. will you be getting the 15th anniversary palette? 🙂

  6. Oh dear. Sorry to hear you’re not enjoying your palette. I have the Naked palette too, and am loving it! Perhaps try layering it over a cream shadow? Benefit’s or Estee’s is pretty awesome. I usually do that and I get fantastic colour pay-off. Hope this helps! =)

  7. How horrible! You must have a dud palette. I have it and I find the colour payoff excellent. Other Urban Decay palettes that I have are just as good, so this definitely sounds uncharacteristic of the brand. 😦

    • Hi Olgie, thank you for stopping by! I thought that too…but I’m trying to use it every day with the UD primer instead of my TFSI primer…let’s see if it works! I will write about my experience again soon.

  8. I think it’s because it’s all the earth brown colors and it can look muddy. Try to use a different brush instead of the one they provided. I don’t like the brush at all. I replace it with my own brush.

    • Hi Eilla, thanks for stopping by. Yes, that was my problem initially because I was mixing the wrong colors. Luckily a friend was kind enough to let me play with her palette and guided me on some of the basic colors.

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