I won’t beat around the bush with this post – I think I may have just found my HG lipgloss, and it goes by the name of Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 008 Peony.

Photo courtesy of beautytidbits.com

As you can see, Peony is a rather pretty peach-undertoned pink gloss with a healthy dose of golden shimmer. Initially, I thought it might look a little too nude on me and wash me out (I consistently don’t do well with peach undertones), but I took a closer look and decided to give it a whirl. When applied to my bare and rather pigmented, full lips, it looks like this:

Peachy pink, shimmery, sheer, and lovely. Just enough to add a special touch to lips without overwhelming them or making them appear too shiny. A My Lips But Better kind of gloss, if you will.

It also looks pretty worn over different lipsticks, each resulting in a different effect depending on the combination.

Top to bottom: Peony layered over Stage Wonderlust Lipstick in Victoria, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Cherry Ice, and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo

I also love the texture of this gloss. It glides on ultra-smoothly and is really light on the lips. I can barely even feel it on. Best of all, it is the first non-sticky gloss I have ever tried. And believe me, as a girl who only ever used gloss and nothing else, I’ve tried many a gloss in my lifetime. So you can imagine my joy when one day, a gust of wind blew my long hair into my face and my hair did not stick to my Peony-glossed lips. Happiness!

The curved sponge-tipped applicator’s not half bad either, and is easier to maneuver compared to a typical doe’s foot applicator. It’s supposed to fit the precise curve of the lip, which it does.

It tends to pick up a little more product than I need, though, so I usually go with the method as recommended in the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (book review upcoming), which is dabbing gloss on with a fingertip. With this method, I get much better control when applying, resulting in more even, more consistent coverage. The gloss also spreads with more ease because it’s warmed by the fingertip while dabbing on.

Staying power-wise, this gloss is pretty reasonable. It doesn’t shed on mugs and glasses as much as many other glosses I’ve tried, to its credit. It does need reapplication after a meal, though, but this is to be expected.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the scent of this gloss bothers them a little, but I find the vanilla trace very faint and doesn’t faze me. The smell doesn’t last terribly long either.

Pour conclure, another winner from Revlon’s Colorburst range. I really do adore this little tube of goodness – it’s so versatile and so pretty (I know I’ve mentioned this repeatedly, apologies for my unabashed gushing)! And the fact that it is ultra-lightweight and non-sticky makes it a major winner in the gloss sector.

A tube of Colorburst gloss retails for SGD 19.90, but I got mine on sale from Watson’s for SGD 13.90, which I think is more than wallet-friendly for a product that’s so lovely.


6 thoughts on “Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 008 Peony

    • It does, doesn’t it 🙂 The packaging is quite well done, props to Revlon for making their Colorburst range look so spiffy.

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    • It really is, Xin! Paris and Beetrice have both expressed their approval, so I’m just another voice adding to the euphony, really 🙂

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