Hullo! Am blogging from Vietnam where surprise, surprise, I’ve been able to log onto Facebook and Twitter!

As you know by now, Groupon and Groupon-like sites are mushrooming like well, mushrooms on steroids (har har). I’ve rarely bought anything because most of the offers are in places which are hard for me to get to as I’m car-less. When I found a MyDeals.com.my deal for a Brazilian waxing just nearby, I quickly snapped it up! This was where I headed to:

At RM48 for any hard wax session (All off or Hollywood) instead of RM100, I was sold! Plus the distance did make it quite bearable. Did it make light of my hairy situation? (OMG stop.now.dom. This is what happens when you blog while on leave). I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to these things. The last time I did a Brazilian was yonks ago at Strip Singapore, at Wheelock Place. The therapist there used a different sort of wax, which required the use of cloth strips. More on that versus hard wax later. Pictures first! Here’s the cozy waiting area, with relaxing dim lighting. Also a nice touch – soft chillout music played out the speakers to keep that ‘Brazilian’ vibe going on.

I was taken in by a really nice therapist called Sarah, and she was very professional, answering all my questions and making sure I felt comfortable. Here’s the waxing room:

Ikea furniture! Me likey. The room was small but comfortable, and there was a nice cheeky touch to it too:

The picture was at a slightly awkward position – just right at the foot of the bed. It is cute though. I was also given a sealed moist towelette to clean up before the procedure.

So anyway. More pictures!

I asked Sarah why there were three wax warmers. She said that two are hard waxes, and the other one is another type of wax which uses the cloths to strip (I can’t remember what it is for the life of me, but I think it’s a combination wax).

Waxing 101 – information gleaned from the therapist:

  • Hard wax is less painful than the wax that’s used with cloths.
  • The hard wax used by The Brazilian is a chocolate-flavored wax which hardens within seconds and is then taken off (I am trying to find a less painful-sounding word than ‘rip’).
  • It causes less damage to sensitive areas, but it takes slightly longer than the combination wax.
  • Don’t shave because the stubble can make the area darker.
  • Waxing jobs should be done 4-6 weeks inbetween, or at least when the hair has reached 6mm in length. Any shorter and the wax won’t be able to grab hold properly, and any longer and it might hurt a bit more.

The result?

There was pain but it disappeared within a minute or so. The skin was pulled taut to ensure that all the hair was covered by the wax and was pulled out quite quickly. The therapist was quite nice and took the effort to make things pleasant and comfortable. It took around 20-25 minutes and it’s into week 2 now. Surprisingly the regrowth has been very minimal and the hair is very thin. Waxing removes hair by its roots so the more you wax, the more you weaken the roots so eventually the regrowth is almost next to none.

I bought two vials of serum – one was vitamin E and was was for hydration though I have yet to use either of them. The vials were quite affordable at RM15 per vial, and can be used up to 5 times before you run out.

What I really liked about The Brazilian was that they weren’t pushy. When I was at Strip Singapore, I was bombarded with sales pitches, like “Buy this because it makes your area down there very white!” “Buy this because it helps with ingrown hair!” “Buy this buy this buy this!” The folks at The Brazilian aren’t like that and it made me feel better; after all, I’d just gone through a ripping session so I was definitely not in the mood for hard selling.

Here are some of the promos they’re having now:

  • Package promotion: Buy 5 sessions and get 25% off
  • Birthday month: 20% off one waxing session
  • Recommend a friend: Get 30% off one waxing session
  • 1st timers: Get 50% off one session
  • Subsequent visits: 10% off

I don’t have the full price list, but I do recommend the hard wax, which at RM100 makes it cheaper than Strip. I find The Brazilian to be reliable, and found out that Sarah did her training at Strip Singapore in 2006 so she’s had 5 years’ experience. Get a package and it’ll be at RM75 for each session.

Even without the MyDeal voucher, I’m happy to sign up for a package as I’m quite impressed with their service and the results. What say you?

The Brazilian is located in Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara. Call 0362040761 for appointment.

6 thoughts on “Review: The Brazilian (Waxing Centre)

  1. hmmm am i the only one in this world who still hasnt got the guts to go brazilian wax? i even find the pain of leg waxing to be unbearable 😦

  2. I used to go there for about one year, now I left malaysia.. do you have any email from Sarah? or do you know if they have any website?

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