What is a girl to do when bored and waiting to board a plane at Changi International Airport? Why, she finishes a book – and then takes a stroll around duty free perfumes and cosmetics, of course.

When I asked her for a wearable, easy-to-match shade of pink, the sales assistant at the counter pulled Sweetie off the shelf and told me that it was one of MAC’s bestselling lip colours thanks to its versatility. Here it is:

I was not at all convinced when I took a closer look, because in MAC’s trademark black bullet-shaped tube it looks a touch Barbie-doll, very cutesy, bright pink. Even MAC describes it as “a very sweet pink”. As the least cute (let alone sweet!)  person I know, my skepticism loomed large, but after a swipe on the back of my hand, I began to wonder if my doubts were misplaced. The swatch was sheer, light, pearlescent – all things I love in a lipstick – and the bluish pinkness was not at all overwhelming as I had expected it to be.

When applied, I was even happier with the result – one layer of Sweetie gave me polished, very soft-looking, oh-so-slightly shimmery, candy (but not Barbie!) pink lips. The shade is just pigmented enough to show up and make my lips look slightly pinker than they normally are, but because of its sheer texture, the look is nice and subtle. If I want a bit more intensity, all I do is double or triple the layers. The moral of this story, to shamelessly paraphrase an old saying, is never to judge a lipstick by just looking at its colour!

MAC lipsticks retail at SGD 28.00 nationwide, but if you purchase one at airport duty-free as I did, you pay only SGD 21.40 – which is a significant chunk of saving on an already affordable lipstick (when compared to brands like Dior, Chanel and Lancome’s lipstick ranges).

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies 🙂


5 thoughts on “Review: MAC Lustre Lipstick in Sweetie

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    • Hey Serena,

      Will work on more of those types of photos sometime. I guess dom and I are quite private people and as much as we love writing reviews on products, we can be a little bit hesitant to put photographs of ourselves (even body parts!) on the blog 🙂

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