I recently ran out of my Clairol Herbal Essences Smooth Lovin’ None of Your Frizzness Serum. My hair, desperate for a bit of love, began rebelling and compelled me to run out and get a replacement – and that is how I came to purchase Pantene Pro-V Nature Care Leave On Creme. It’s marketed in Australia as Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Leave On Intensive Treatment Creme, but the packaging is essentially the same.

The product comes encased in a 100ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser like so:

Curious? More after the jump!

Here is what they claim this product does:

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Leave-On Intensive Treatment is a rich cream that gives an additional protective coat to the hair with light conditioning anytime the hair needs an extra dose of moisturisation. The formula includes avocado oil, grapeseed extract and bamboo to add resilience and fullness to the hair without weighing it down.

The blurb on the back of the bottle also says that the creme contains Cassia-flower derived essence and Pantene’s trademark Pro-Vitamin B5 to help strengthen hair from within.

I didn’t have high hopes for this product as the first couple of ingredients screamed silicone, as with most drugstore serums on the market (save for L’Oreal’s EverSleek range). However, after my success with Clairol’s Smooth Lovin’, which was essentially a bottle full o’ fluid silicone, I thought – why not give it a go.

Upon first pump, I was surprised at how light the creme felt in my palm. I’d expected it to be a lot greasier and heavier (they did call it “rich!”), but it was pleasantly easy to smooth out and massage into the mid-lengths and tips of my hair.I’d pointed out in my review of Clairol’s Smooth Lovin’ that the serum was quite light when applied, but this creme goes on with greater ease and feels even lighter than that! Me gusta.

I also love the way this stuff smells. It’s fresh and not at all cloying, which gives it many points up from Clairol’s artificially sweet, melon-scented serum.

I’m one of those girls who likes to rub serum into her hair before blow-drying to protect it from heat damage. I am also one of those girls who has to wash her hair every single day or she goes a little stir-crazy. I have been religiously doing both of the aforementioned, and I found that this creme has really gone to town making sure my hair is still smooth, soft, manageable, and shiny as anything even despite all the daily stresses I put it through!

Its “light conditioning” properties also appear to work well for my hair. I have oily roots, hence the washing hair every day (which I understand can be counterproductive but has become one of those die-hard habits over the years), and I really did not want a serum that would weigh my hair down. This creme does nothing of the sort while keeping my hair tame and smooth (no crazy flyaway bits), which makes me very happy indeed.

In terms of economy of use, however, I do find that I need two pumps of the creme to thoroughly work through my hair. With Clairol, I only needed one pump. Mind you, I have a very thin, fine head of hair that goes a few inches beyond my shoulders, and suspect that thicker/longer-haired girls will find they will need more product, so this 100ml bottle might not last that long.

Pour conclure, I actually prefer this baby to Clairol’s Smooth Lovin’. While they may be comparable in terms of both price and primary ingredient, Pantene’s effort gets extra points because it smells better and I prefer the way it feels in my hair. On the downside, it may not last as long as a liquid serum of the same volume, but I’m happy to chip in an extra dollar or two for a product that I really like and consistently delivers on its claims.

A 100ml bottle of this leave on creme retails at about SGD 9.70 at your nearest pharmacy or supermarket, but I got mine a little cheaper thanks to a special introductory 20% discount at NTUC Fairprice. Ah, the times where you thank your poor-starving-student days for training you in the art of spotting a good bargain 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review: Pantene Pro-V Nature Care Leave On Creme

  1. Hmm i had the night miracle and had done with it. It was nice to use initially but after a while, it did not work anymore. Maybe my hair has got used to it.

    • Thanks for the insights Xin! I’ll keep monitoring how my hair does with Nature Care and see if the same thing happens… which is rather likely since their primary ingredient, silicone, is the same. I’m hoping for the best though!

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