Can I say, “Finally!”? Here’s the long-delayed post on the Lancome bloggers meet at Lancome Institue BV II with the most number of pictures belle demoiselle has ever seen. We were hosted by the lovely ParisB of MyWomenStuff, and it was a great opportunity for me to meet with Connie of SkinDeco, Xin of Pretty Beautiful and Lyn of The Beauty Cabinet. ParisB also brought along her sister, who was taking pro shots with Paris’ new camera, putting my poor old Lumix to shame (I must save up for Lyn’s Olympus Pen!!). We were there to learn about Lancome’s Maqui Blanc Miracle, the updated brightening formula from Teint Miracle. How did it fare in my prelim review?

Jump!That’s Xin on the left, and the marketing rep from Lancome on the right, Amanda:

Our host, ParisB and her sister with omgyourcameraissopro.

After the warm welcome, we were shown how Lancome’s compact foundation compared with Brand X’s foundation. The whole theme was centered on how Lancome’s foundations held up very well against oil, which is an unfortunate bane for most women out there, battling Malaysia’s humidity and heat. Here’s the demonstration:

First, scrape scrape scrape the powder:

Lancome vs. Brand X. What is Brand X?

Baby oil was then dripped via a pipette to mimic sebum production. See the oil in the middle?:

Then stircrazy-away we go!

The demonstration shows how the Lancome powder is able to maintain its powdery state without turning into an oil slick like Brand X. Personally I’ve tried and reviewed Lancome’s two-way before (called Lancome Maquicake) and Amanda mentioned that the demo was on an updated formula. I was already impressed with the old formula with its oil control and this demo made me itch to buy more.

The star of the show was this:

Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation

It’s touted as a “Natural Brightening Creator” with SPF 26 (PA ++), made for Asian skins and most importantly for me, non-comedogenic. The reason I’ve been lacking in my posts lately is due to really bad skin – I’ve been feeling a bit down about it and there’re heaps of blocked pores on my lower cheeks, so non-comedogenic sounds great by me. I haven’t tried it properly on my face but I can see very fine shimmery particles, which relates back to the ‘Natural Brightening Creator’ tagline. With words like “long wear”, this foundation is meant to last through oil production and humidity. The foundation comes in a pump bottle and you have to shake it well before use.

Xin was our doll of the day – the MUA used the foundation on her alongside a whole host of new Lancome products (including this beautiful blush that I can’t bear to use if I ever had it because it’s just so darn pretty). Upon application, Xin commented that it felt quite light, a word that normally isn’t associated with liquid foundation. Coverage was very good and Xin had flawless skin after application.

We were all matched to our individual shades – I got O-04 but have yet to try it. Will do so tomorrow because my new bottle finally came! Lancome really was kind to us beauty bloggers to let us have a bottle to try. I was really impressed with Maquicake but I definitely prefer liquid foundation for special days, and one of my quirks is to look out for oxidization. I know that most liquid foundations do oxidize but so far I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t make me look like I had a spray tan accident o.0 (blame it on the oilies).

Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle retails for RM140 for a 30ml bottle. It lasts for 12 months upon opening.


5 thoughts on “Lancome Bloggers Meet and Preliminary Review of Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation

  1. aww thanks for featuring the ‘model’ πŸ˜›

    it doesn’t oxidize on me, and a little drop is enough for the whole face and some neck area

    • no worries xin πŸ™‚ was great to meet you. i tried it this morning and so far it feels good. but it’s super white! :S

  2. After using the foundation for 2 weeks, I must say I’m not a big fan at the moment simply because the shade does not really match me. The formula is nice, it is lightweight and oxidation is minimal. I hope you’ll have better luck with it. I want to try the powder version, if I can find a match πŸ™‚

    • hi lyn! powder version is definitely a win for me. today is day 2 of using the foundation. a bit white-ish o.0. let’s see if i can make it work for me tmr.

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