Keeping the lip balm ball rolling, here’s a short (but hopefully sweet) take on Maybelline’s newest offering, Baby Lips Cellular Repair Lipbalm SPF 20 in Anti-Oxidant Berry (the one on the far right in this snapshot below).

My little sister, who currently studies in a very chilly and dry part of Australia, recommended this balm to me with great gusto, saying that she layered a little on every night before going to bed and always woke up with ultra-soft, perfect puckers. With a pitch like that, how could I possibly pass up on giving it a try myself?

I ran out and purchased a tube of Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry (which is what my sister uses) from my nearest Watson’s outlet.

The Maybelline site says that this balm works its magic in several ways:

Lips are instantly moisturised for up to 8 hours. Contains active care ingredients, such as shea butter and centella. Vitamin Complex delivering powerful anti-oxidants. SPF 20 for protection against harmful UV rays. After 4 weeks lips are deeply repaired, completely reborn. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed? That’s awfully ambitious, you might say. And you’re right, it is quite a claim. So how did it fare?


There are a couple of things I really appreciate about this lip balm. First things first – it smells great. Fruity, fresh, delicious, not overwhelming, almost edible. It’s also not greasy or sticky like many other balms can be, and glides onto lips quite smoothly. Immediately after application, my lips felt comfortably moisturised. No complaints there. It also made my lips ultra soft after a few weeks of diligent applying before bedtime. Definitely a nice little side effect! I wouldn’t say my lips were “reborn” per se; I prefer to say that they felt re-nourished. Must be the anti-oxidants at work.


Oddly enough, for the first week or so of applying this before bedtime, I would wake up to peeling lips. Not peeling and cracked in the conventional sense (i.e. caused by dryness), but sloughing away lots of cells to reveal softer, smoother lips underneath. This may not seem like a major con, but it bothered me a bit that entire week, especially as the sloughing continued throughout the day (and did not at all look good during working hours)! Also, despite its delicious smell, this balm does not taste like berries. In fact, it tastes faintly of sunblock. After diligently using and adoring Nivea’s delectable Fruity Shine in Pink Guava, this was a slight disappointment, but it’s one that I can live with. Finally, it didn’t last the eight hours it was claimed to last for. This lip balm puts up a surprisingly good fight against multiple drinks and a meal, but it does need about two reapplications over the course of the eight-hour workday.

Pour conclure, Baby Lips is not my favourite lip balm in the world (that title remains unclaimed as of yet), but I would repurchase for its renewing qualities. Baby Lips comes in three other variants apart from Berry: Menthol, Orange and Cherry – and is available at most major pharmacies islandwide for about SGD 6.00. As usual, keep your eye out for a discount or two every once in a while!


6 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Cellular Repair Lipbalm SPF 20 in Anti-Oxidant Berry

    • Hi Amanda!

      I don’t actually know if it’s available in the US, as my search efforts come up with only Asian and Australian hits! I think, based on the packaging and advertising that I’ve seen here, it’s a product that was aimed at the Asia-Pacific market and not the US one. Hope you find it over there though, and if you can’t, let us know and we can help! 😉

    • Hey there Xin!

      Yes, the packaging is pretty cute and has proven a massive selling point, especially in the packaging-conscious Asian market 🙂 Plus, it really does smell delicious. I wish it tasted a bit more like it smelled though! Sunblocky flavours never really work for anyone. 😦

  1. So colourful and cute! I’ve tried a few Maybelline lipbalms before but never found them moisturising. I have really dry lips though.

    • Hey Lyn!

      Yeah, prior to Baby Lips, I was never a fan of Maybelline lipbalms, was bitterly disappointed with LipSmooth in Cool Mint. Tasted way too much like sunblock! Baby Lips is alright though, can’t complain too much, but I still love Nivea’s Pink Guava much more 😉

      And hurray, another dry-lipped girl! I’m always peeling like a repitilian. It’s a bit disconcerting, and it’s all because of my Ro-Accutane 😦

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