More from the lovely SdV. We can’t thank her enough 🙂

– dom and ksuan

As a sufferer of extremely chapped lips and the tendency to pick at them, my puckers are in an agonising condition. I’m always being asked if I moisturise and every time I walk into a pharmacy (in Malaysia, in Paris, in Melbourne) I always pick up a lip balm (I must have tried at least 10 different sorts!)

My latest is the Nivea Lip Hydro Care Lipbalm for about AUD 4-6 in Melbourne. It’s in stick form so it’s easy to apply and carry around and has a rather cute packaging – light blue with bubbles.

How does it fare? Well, read on…

The balm touts to provide intensive moisturisation for hours, is quickly absorbed thanks to its light formula and leaves lips feeling smooth, soft and non-greasy due to the innovative light formula. Does it live up to expectations?

Yes and no.

I can definitely feel my lips being protected and getting softer immediately after application. They also look slightly fuller maybe from all the re-hydrating, and glossy so there’s no need to apply any sort of gloss for going out. I also love the fact that there is no discernible smell or strong minty taste- instead there’s a faint sweetness which is great. Balms which gives off a strong mint or tingly effect can be drying, so keep this in mind when you look for your next lip care solution.

On the other hand for the first two hours, my lips felt like I’ve coated them in Vaseline which isn’t fantastic. It didn’t feel like it was quickly absorbed although by the third hour it felt much better if not still slightly greasy. I suppose it was still doing its hydration thing so that’s fine.

I would say this is a very lovely and useable lip balm for winter in Melbourne when we need that extra care from the dry wind and cold, but might be too much for the humidity of Kuala Lumpur/Singapore. For its price I’m quite happy to keep using it, just as long as I remember to!


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