More from the beautiful SdV, and this time she’s talking about foundation! Enjoy, ladies 🙂

– dom and ksuan

I’m back in the market for a new and better foundation (review of my current foundation coming right up), so today I spent a couple of hours being frustrated, flustered and looking like the makeup version of Frankenstein with 6-7 different swatches of foundation applied all over my face.

I have a combination skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks and mouth area) and am fairly tan (like light chocolate milk) with a yellow undertone. Past and current experience have told me that it is incredibly difficult to match a foundation to my skin without it looking too dark or too pale or too pink.

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Here’s a quick run down of the various foundation brands I’ve tried and then talk about the highlight winner of the day.


This french brand was on 50% sale at Priceline in Melbourne and after asking a few people, was told their foundations, blushes and nail polishes were quite nice.So why not? Bourjois has about 4 different lines of foundations, all claiming to be radiance-boosting and long lasting. Most of their shades however were more suited for fairer skin. A big plus is that it is quite sheer and easy to blend for that natural skin look but does not really provide enough coverage for problem skin such as acne or redness.


I tried both their tinted moisturiser and their stick foundation. Both products are very new to me. I found the former too oily to be comfortable on the skin but colour matching wise they have a huge range so I’m sure it’s very easy to find something.

I thought their stick foundations would be very dry but it turned out to be fairly creamy and sets quickly. It reminds me more of a lighter concealer so if you’re comfortable with cream products more than liquid foundations, it might be worthwhile to check out this brand.


We’re going a little high end here but what else can you splurge on but great foundation for perfect looking skin? I’m not sure which foundation line was put on me but I walked away highly disappointed. Not a great range of shades and the one which came close had a pink undertone. It did have a lovely finish but falls short of expectations.

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation and Dual Balancing Foundation

This brand was definitely my second choice. Their foundation boasts medium coverage, seamless blending and skin hydration, all the stuff we want from a perfect foundation. They had a bigger range of shades than Dior and I quite easily found my shade although it’s like o.ooo1% lighter. I liked the matte finish and the product has no scent which was a big big plus.


Nars has both a matte and glow (dewy) foundation. I tried the sheer glow after first being told they didn’t have anything dark enough for my skin, so admittedly my experience with the brand was overshadowed by my perception of their counter staff. Nevertheless I found their shades a little too orange for my taste and yes it was too pale.

Giorgio Armani

I was told that their Silk UV Foundation spf 20 was better for my combination skin because it’ll last longer and sit better, whereas their Luminous Silk Foundation would slide right off my forehead unless set with powder, Unfortunately their darkest shade in the former is too light, therefore we tried #8 in Luminous Silk. Perfect Match (yes, capital letters baby). It provides a medium coverage and the description boasts an oil free fluid with exclusive micro-fill technology to give your skin that radiant air-brushed finish. It definitely felt like there was barely anything on my face and I’m sitting in front of the computer right now happily with it on. The coverage is quite decent- even-ing out my skin tone and just minimising those pores. It definitely has a dewy finish- my nose and forehead is a little shiny so powder and blotting throughout the day is definitely needed and if I touch my face- it feels quite silky. That might be a good or a bad thing depending- I’m finding it quite weird to the touch but I have to say I’m very impressed when looking at myself in the mirror.

I also tried their Master Corrector fluid in # 2 for under the eyes, supposedly to counteract the dark circles but didn’t really see a vast difference.

However if you’re looking for a gorgeous foundation, at this point I’d recommend Giorgio Armani. It retails for AUD 90 at David Jones but be sure to check online – at strawberrynet.com it’s AUD 60 which is fairly decent. I think I might just pick up one for myself.


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