OPI White Shatter on top of another OPI nail polish. Good? No good?

Retailing at Sephora for RM59.00


10 thoughts on “Whatcha Think About Crackle?

  1. i love crackle, but i dont like the retail price. try buying it from nailfiesta.com, she only sells it at rm39. 😀 and cheaper for china glaze

    • you’re the only person who appreciates crackle!!!! 😀 whee. thanks xin. i really wanted to get it but balked at the price.

      • haha what i meant was i went around asking my colleagues and all of them said they didn’t like it 😦

    • I prefer the black crackle too, but I wouldn’t use it as I prefer my nails to look polished and simple 🙂 Also, I have a terrible habit of wanting to play the guitar right after I get my nails done…

    • fair point cheryl 🙂 i think temptalia’s reviews got me all hyped up (plus it’s just that ‘jakun’ thing going on when i see the paint crackling, it’s like OMG IT ACTUALLY CRACKS IN REAL LIFE…okay i think i’ll hide in a closet now).

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