Hi readers!

Happy Saturday 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend to rest and relax before the work week begins.

Today was an exciting day for myself as it marks the first time I’ve met my fellow blog queens face-to-face. Ksuan and myself have been inspired by these ladies and when ParisB of MyWomenStuff invited us to a preview of Lancome’s latest offering, I quickly replied yes.

Would be posting about the event in a couple of days – the sample I received unfortunately broke and I didn’t realize till I was in the car. But I’ll be putting up a preliminary review first until I get a new sample sent back.

Managed to meet up with these lovely ladies, so do read their blogs to find out more about the going-ons in the beauty world:

Happy weekend everybody!


4 thoughts on “Extra Special Day

  1. It was lovely to meet you too! So sorry to hear about your foundation but I hope they send you a new one pronto as I’d love to hear what you think of it. I’ll be using mine tomorrow at a wedding dinner, so will see how it holds up on my crazy skin.

    • Likewise lyn! Can’t wait for your review :). I only noticed that it broke because the foundation leaked out and then when I took out the whole box, the whole bottle had broken! Drama indeedy.

      • Yikes! Sorry to hear about your foundation! Do let me know if you need to be put in touch with the organizers 🙂 nice meeting you too and catch up again soon!

        • Terrifically jealous that I couldn’t make it to the meet – sounds like all of you girls had a lovely time. Looking forward to all your reviews as well! 🙂

          – ksuan

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