Here’s yet another delightful guest post from our dear friend down in Melbourne, Australia; the beautiful and talented photographer SdV. Thanks darling for writing this up for us!

We hope you enjoy her take on OPI’s coveted Pirates of the Caribbean II collection as much as we did – and be sure to check out her amazing work at www.sdevarax.com.

dom and ksuan

After ksuan’s prompt revelation about OPI’s new collection, Pirates of the Carribean, and a bout of shoppingitis, I decided to try it out by buying their mini collection pack (which comes with Skull and Glossbones, Sparrow Me the Drama, Planks a Lot, and Stranger Tides) as well as a bottle of the new Silver Shatter. Unfortunately, the mini collection is missing Mermaid’s Tears which was the colour I really wanted!

Photo courtesy of nailclique

So what did I think of this collection? Read on…
One of the main factors preventing me from purchasing OPI colours would be the price with a bottle costing around AUD 20.00, at least 2-3 times more than other brands. When a friend pointed me to the mini collection you can see why I went wide eyed- getting four colors for AUD 24.00! However I found the mini bottles were rather tiny (again much smaller than other brand’s mini versions) and fiddly to work with. Never mind though, I rarely wear matte polishes so these would do me just fine for now.

I’ve tried Sparrow Me the Drama and Stranger Tides and both required two layers to get the complete coverage and true colour shown in the bottle. One layer of Sparrow Me the Drama gave a hint of luminescent pink which was quite nice and two gave a pretty pink that is still girly without being barbie-like, whereas one layer of Stranger Tides was just horrifying, two made it matte in a champagne green shade. I think both are quite subdue enough to wear out to work or play, yet still have a sense of pop to them without being completely boring. I’m not sure why they were released as spring colours, as they seem to suit winter more!

Would I buy these polishes again, probably not as I’m sure more colours would be produced. I did however really like how easy they were to remove. Most other brands require a little bit more scrubbing with the polish remover, but these came off with a gentle rub.

I was also super impressed with the Silver Shatter, which came in a whopping big bottle. It was easy to apply for an instant crackle effect and works with other polish brands! The effect changes depending on how it is applied and how much is laid on the nail. I find the Silver shatter is not so glaringly goth like the black shatter, it’s still chic and elegant with bit of rock! This one is a definite must have.


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