And we’re……baaaaaaaaaaaack! I’m still searching high and low for ksuan but I’m back from Outward Bound School Lumut and it was a blast! I’m thinking of doing a post on camping survival but will need to get my thoughts in order first. Hope all of you had a great weekend and here’s to a merry Monday ahead!

So I’m back at work, and the first thing I see at the KLCC concourse area is a huge Clinique roadshow to showcase their new Age Defense BB Cream SPF30/PA+++. Here’s how it looks like in its 40ml tube:

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream. Photo: Google.com

Since everyone is jumping on the BB bandwagon, I went along to see what Clinique had to offer. The first one I heard from was BRTC’s BB cream which is currently sold in Watsons (that must’ve been eons ago!), and now I hear from fellow bloggers about Lancome, MAC and Bobbi Brown’s offers which I hope to check out very soon.

The first time the SA applied it on me, it was quite chalky and a little dry. She then said, “Oh, it’s meant to be put on after moisturizer – see, let me put it on you and you can see it’s much smoother” and proceeded to do so. Personally I found the texture a tad hard to spread and sad to say, it’s only available in one color.

Despite most of the press releases, I don’t think the color looks as good in real life. By good I mean ‘neutral’. In the pictures, the color seems to be more beige-y but on me it was too fair with a gray-pink undertone. So not cool.

I think I’m rather disappointed at this initial stage, and I expressed my doubts with the SA. The SA mentioned that she put some on an Indonesian client whose “skin is much tanner, and after it oxidized it was OK”. I felt like she missed the point – I prefer not to have my foundations or powders oxidize to that extent – I don’t want to go around with a geisha face for an hour or so or have people notice my foundation.

Would I get it? I don’t think so, but I might see if I can get a sample to try for a week or so from my usual counter. At RM105.00 for 40ml, I think it’s a bit of a rip-off considering that I can get my foundations for cheaper, and if anything, it looks like I can’t skip moisturizer if the SA says that I need moisturizer to make it spread more smoothly. I thought BB creams were supposed to be all-in-one? I’m not sure about spending money on color that’s a little off and makes me look dull. Hmmm. I think this would be better as a make-up base, and since it has purported anti-aging properties, it may not do so much harm. Overall though, as much as I’m a Clinique fan and have been waiting eagerly for this, I gotta give this a huge ‘Meh’ and run along.

Edit: If you’re still interested in purchasing, my suggestion is to purchase it at our Clinique counters instead of StrawberryNET. I found out that it’s selling for a hefty RM142.00!! Oh dear.

8 thoughts on “Preliminary Review: Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF30/PA+++

  1. Ah this is most helpful. I was told to just skip the Clinique BB Cream because the colour would be too dark for me. Didn’t know about the dry factor too. Probably wouldn’t bother to check it out then 😉

    • 🙂 thanks for dropping by Paris! Yes, at the most I think you can get a sample if you’re still curious.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, dom! Was rather looking forward to this (since I love Clinique’s stuff generally) but it doesn’t sound like something that would rock my boat. I’ll probably waited for the tinted Moisture Surge to hit our shores then. 🙂

    • No worries Rinnah! I would suggest you still check it out in case I prove wrong – after all, this is only a preliminary review and my personal observations. But Tinted Moisture Surge?! SQUEE 😀

    • BTW Rinnah, according to ParisB the tinted MS will not be reaching our shores 😦 but we’ll be on the lookout for something else!

  3. I tested it out at Clinique as well and wasn’t impressed at all. I agree with you on all points. Definitely a huge miss for me.

    • It’s such a pity because Clinique has such a pull for me. I’m such a sucker for its marketing (how it’s all clinical, dermatologist-tested, etc) and so far it was doing alright!

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