Friday, Friday, la la la…oops, I’d better not burst into Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’. Here’s our round-up this week before I go off for Outward Bound School in Lumut! Will not have my mobile phone with me as they confiscate it at the start of the week, which I must say I am definitely looking forward to. Check out some of our lovely bloggers and their latest entries:

  • “Repurposing old buys” sounds like a winner to me – head on over to the ladies of SoLoverly to find out what it’s all about.
  • Glossies abound at PrettyBeautiful – this is a sure win for ksuan!
  • Essential oils are touted as a natural path for health and beauty upkeep. Start here at Viva Woman to get clued-in on what to use.
  • Messy hair no more – check out Frmheadtotoe for a great pouf and bun casual updo.

Have a great weekend all 🙂


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