ksuan and myself, along with a host of other beauty bloggers, have been ardent fans of Clinique’s Moisture Surge. ksuan did a preliminary review here and gave positive reviews. I’ve been using Moisture Surge for the past 1 year and it’s been my go-to night moisturizer and after facial moisturizer. The only thing is how expensive it was, so I’ve been looking for dupes ever since.

The first one I thought could come close to Moisture Surge was Bio-essence’s Tri-Action Aqua Boost Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask (phew, what a mouthful!). I got a sample from the Bio-essence website and here’s how it looks like, full-sized:

Bio-essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask. Picture: Google.com

Is it a passable dupe? Jump!

First, here are the similarities on both Clinique and Bio-essence’s products:

  • Texture: Both are gel-like textures, with Bio-essence’s being a bit stickier and thicker.
  • Feel: Quite cooling on the skin.
  • Usage: Both are multipurpose gels – can be used as moisturizers and masks.

Now, the differences:

  • Texture: While both are gel creams, Bio-essence has a stickier, thicker texture. It was a little too sticky for me and felt very pore-clogging. It was harder to spread as well.
  • Smell: Bio-essence’s mask had a very odd plasticky smell. Clinique’s Moisture Surge had no discernible smell whatsoever.

In terms of effectiveness, unfortunately Bio-essence didn’t work very well for me. It claims to have all-night hydration for 8 hours but I woke up with shiny skin, which is a sign of dehydration. It was also too sticky to properly absorb into my skin. It probably isn’t very good as a night moisturizer, and as a mask it left an uncomfortable layer on my skin.

At RM62.80 for 100g, it’s definitely cheaper but not a dupe! I think those with very dry skins may benefit from it but I’m not sure if the sticky, thick texture would agree with everyone. I would definitely not buy this and I’m glad I got the sample instead.


5 thoughts on “Review: Bio-essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

  1. I’ve been using Moisture Surge for 9 months and it’s still one of the best moisturisers for me 🙂 This is also the only Clinique moisturiser I like.

    • Hi Ren, I put on a thick amount on my skin and rub it in. However I don’t find this a particularly useful mask so I don’t recommend it.

    • Hi Ren, I just slather the gel on, rub it in, and leave it overnight.It doesn’t have to be absorbed in. However I don’t recommend this mask as mentioned in my post. Hope it works for you though.

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