I’m a bit of a lazy bum, so Mandom’s Cleansing Express Lotion became my HG make-up remover. I reviewed the one meant for oily skin here and I loved how it removed every single trace of foundation. For the eyes it was a bit harder, but I always use a separate cleaner for them anyway.

So when the Sebum version ran out, I ran off to get a replacement. It so happened that the Moist version was available with a free eye makeup remover for a bumper price of around RM30 so I got that one instead.

Mandom Cleansing Express Lotion (Moist). Picture: Google

This pink one is meant for dry skin and is formulated with soy extract to help retain moisture. LIike the green Sebum one, it’s 100% oil-free and water-based. It’s also fragrance, color, paraben and alcohol-free.

I bought this because I use it as a double cleanser – first this, then normal cleanser. Pump 2-3 squirts and it really dampens up your cotton, even more so than Sebum. This lotion is definitely chock-full of hydrative goodness. In any case, if I wash this away, it doesn’t really matter if it’s meant for dry skin, oily skin, whatever skin right? I mean, I really do wash it away with my own cleanser. But guess what?

Ya-hikes. This is what I get for being too smart. While yes, I do rinse it away, I found it uncomfortable for my skin and a bit too sticky for my liking. If I were to use this as a single cleanser at night, I’d probably be breaking out and having little comedones here and there. This is really meant for super dry skin because 1) it leaves a sticky residue on my skin and 2) I felt like my skin was getting clogged. The Sebum one wasn’t as thick or sticky, so that definitely gave me a fresher feeling compared to this one.

I’m a bit on the fence with this because it does its job pretty well, but it just didn’t suit my skin type. Even after washing away I still felt a little uncomfortable. So lesson learnt – pick skincare that really is your type! Even if you wash it off.

You can find it in most pharmaceutical stores and it normally retails at RM30+. During sales, it may drop but do bear in mind that this is slightly more expensive than the Sebum lotion.


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