I first came across Bourjois as a student in Paris a few years ago – but I only began experimenting with their nail colours several weeks ago. This all happened after a very dear French friend gasped in horror that I hadn’t, and proceeded to paint my nails with her Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rouge Casino (a delightfully warm, rather sexy shade of siren red).

Take a look at her:

Photo courtesy of bourjois.fr

I have not looked back since, and have even purchased two other shades! Want to find out why I’m so taken in by So Laque? Read on!

So, what is so special about So Laque?

Apparently, the So Laque Ultra Shine range’s formula is enriched with two times more vinyl than your average nail polish. Bourjois also attributes this range’s exceptional shine payoff to a highly reflective resin complex added to the mix. Bourjois also claims that two coats of this polish lasts for seven days without chipping, scratching or losing its shine.

How do these claims hold up? Quite well, I would say!

Shiny? Oh yes indeed. If you apply this polish with firm, steady strokes, the shine payoff post-drying is lovely – especially with the bright red shades!

Lastability? Excellent. Normally I base-coat my nails before applying nail polish to them, but I don’t need to with So Laque Ultra Shine. With vigorous typing and even a bit of guitar strumming, this polish holds steadfastly for the seven days Bourjois says it will (and often beyond that, if you choose to not be cavalier with nail care like myself!).

Personally, though, what I love the very most about So Laque Ultra Shine is its absolutely wonderful colour payoff. Two coats guarantees beautiful, consistent, eye-catching colour that looks exactly what it looks like in the bottle.

I was so enamoured with the colours that I also purchased Rouge Escarpin (a very cool bright red worthy of a massive party weekend – it looks redder in real life than it does in the photo):

Photo courtesy of bourjois.fr

And Beige Glamour (more a dusty pink-beige than a true beige, but so pretty and work appropriate!):

Photo courtesy of bourjois.fr

Rouge Casino, Rouge Escarpin and Beige Glamour have all gotten my nails various compliments ranging from ooh-aahs at the colours to ooh-aahs at their sleek, shiny finish. To take a look at more So Laque Ultra Shine colours, check out the Bourjois website.

Pour conclure, So Laque Ultra Shine is now in fierce competition with Rimmel’s Lycra Pro Professional Finish Nail Polish for the title of my favourite nail enamel. I am already eyeing a few other colours in the collection, and am keen to see what Bourjois’ other nail colour ranges (Vernis Couleur Une Seconde, Vernis Effect Faux Ongles, and their new French Manicure Kit) have to offer.

A bottle of So Laque! retails at SGD 9.70, which puts it quite comfortably within Budget Nail Polish range.

Bourjois products are available at some (but not all) Watson’s outlets throughout Singapore. Admittedly, while the range available here is far from the staggering one we find back in Europe, it’s still pretty good.

Unfortunately, Bourjois is not available in Malaysia – however, despair not. You can find a surprisingly wide range of their products available on StrawberryNet, with free shipping too! Bourjois has also gained a following in a few of our neighbouring countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam – so be sure to check them out during your travels!


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