Hey girls, hope you’re geared up for an amazing weekend ahead! Here’s a little mascara review in anticipation of a glorious Saturday and Sunday.

After the drugstore mascara success story that was CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara, I was hoping for more happy drugstore mascara stories from my travel mascara haul.

Unfortunately (although I so badly want to!), I can’t say that Revlon’s Fabulash Mascara in Blackest Black meets the standards set by CoverGirl.

Photo courtesy of Revlon.com

Want to know why this love affair did not materialise? Keep reading!

The website claims the following:

Be fabulous with 400% fuller, clump-free lashes! The patented Lash Perfecting brush combines short bristles, to beautifully thicken lashes, and long bristles to perfectly separate without clumps. Exclusive formula is enriched with silk proteins and vitamin E to keep lashes soft.

Let’s go through this systematically, shall we?

Claim # 1 of 400% fuller lashes

I will be completely frank and say that this did not happen. At all. It took three to four coats for the mascara to properly show up on my lashes, and even so there was no dramatic 400% volume increase at all. If anything, the final look is fluttery, soft and ultra-natural. Curl-holding power is practically nonexistent though, sadly. I will say that I loved that Fabulash didn’t make my lashes look spidery or spindly. I only wish, so badly, that it wasn’t so difficult to achieve the soft-and-natural look.

Claim #2 of no clumps

On this front, Fabulash is great. No clumping in sight at all. Application was smooth. Again, just wish it didn’t take so many coats to see results!

Claim #3 of the Lash Perfecting Brush

I can’t say I liked the brush very much, aside from it ensuring a lack of clumping. As seen in the picture above, it’s a spiral brush with rather densely packed bristles. The brush head itself is quite small, which makes it easy and fuss-free to reach for lashes in the innermost and outermost corners of the eye. However, again, three to four coats were needed to see any effect.

Claim #4 of silk proteins and Vitamin E to keep lashes soft

In this department, Fabulash definitely delivers. This is easily the lightest and most natural-feeling mascara I’ve ever used (barring Bobbi Brown’s Everything Mascara, which is not price-comparable to Fabulash at all!). When I touched my lashes after Fabulash had been applied and dried, they did feel very soft and light. This is something I could get used to in a mascara, as I balk at any mascara that feels weighty upon application.

Pour conclure, I was really hoping for better overall results out of Fabulash, but alas – sometimes products disappoint, and that’s alright. Tis a real shame, because as aforementioned, I love the soft-and-natural look – but the multiple coating it takes to get there is a deterrent.

Revlon Fabulash Mascara retails at USD 6.99, making it only a few cents cheaper than CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Blasting – however, the Fabulash tube is significantly smaller than Lash Blast’s megatube, and ultimately I think you get more bang for your buck with the latter.

That’s all from me for today – party hard this weekend!


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