Blogshops are abundant nowadays and we have our regular ones we go to. The ones I’ve been visiting quite often are blogs that sell bags, because it’s crazily expensive in the local boutiques. However, I’ve held off buying bags for the longest time because I still found the bags expensive.

I finally caved in with Smashing Pit Stop after a colleague of mine forwarded this blogshop to a few of us. I was quite dubious but I was lemming after a Longchamp for the looooooongest time and I finally decided to purchase a red long-handled Le Pliage.

Smashing Pit Stop specializes in European bags, particularly Longchamp bags.

There are other brands on sale as well, such as Burberry and Bally. Trawl a bit deeper and you’ll find that Smashing Pit Stop also used to sell H&M merch.

What convinced me to finally purchase my bag was its affordability in comparison with other blogshops and great customer service. I’ve personally been in contact with the blogshop owner and I can say that my purchase arrived in one piece as promised, in great quality.

Check out http://www.smashing-pit-stop.blogspot.com for more info! 🙂


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