Hey peeps (sorry, no pun intended). How’s your week looking so far? It’s been a crazy time for both ksuan and myself, and only recently have I been able to prep my reviews. This post is extra special, because I’m a total newbie when it comes to this:


I’ve never, ever placed false eyelashes on myself before and I thought it’d be hard and I would look a little strange. I was happy not using lashes until Maggie from KKCenterhk contacted me and suggested that I try out their lashes. This is what I picked out:

ES Brand Eyelashes - Model A022

More pictures and full review after the jump!

ES Lashes from KKCenterhk

As you can see, these lashes are extremely long. They’re meant to give the ‘naturally dramatic’ look – I’m not sure how else to put it, as they are falsies but not the stripper/drag queen kind. These falsies are quite long and you’ll have to trim the ends to get them to fit onto your eyes.

My first impression? This particular model was really finely made. The lashes were very soft and very unlike the cheapo ones you get. I’ve come across some plasticky lashes or really pokey ones, but definitely this series from KKCenterhk were more natural.

For a first-time user, they were pretty comfortable but it did feel a little odd having that something there on my lashline. The great thing about the lashes I got was that it was all black including the supporting base (where all the lashes were threaded into), so I didn’t have to worry about it looking too unnatural.

It was really affordable too – at only USD3.64 for 10 pairs! That would last you ages. KKCenterhk is a HK-based company that ships worldwide, and you can use Paypal, credit card, bank transfer or cash (if you’re in HK) to pay.

The range offered at KKCenterhk is amazing – they’ve got almost every kind of false eyelashes available as well as other beauty accessories such as wigs, nail deco, and others. It’s a pretty comprehensive website and they’ve also been featured on other blogs before, so they’ve got a good reputation and great service (including a return policy).

From memory and heaps of blog- and YouTube-surfing, these are the tips I gathered to put on your lashes:

  1. Bend your lashes slightly to make it curvier. This is to help it sit better on your eyelids.
  2. Put it on your lashline – does it look too long? If it does, trim off a little bit and readjust. I have friends who trim off from the end and front. For me, I look at how the lashes are made. Some lashes flare out at the end, so it’ll make more sense to trim from the front part (where your tear ducts are). If they’re all of equal length, trim however you feel like.
  3. Put the glue on your falsies. Wait for at least 10 seconds; depending on the glue, it may take more. The glue will become tacky.
  4. Stick it on! The sticking on part is usually the confusing part – for newbies, I suggest putting it a little higher on your lashline if you’re afraid of it sticking on your lashes.
  5. Start from the middle: I find that putting my lashes on my index, middle and ring fingers and using my middle finger to gently press the middle of my lashes makes it stick easier and faster. Some would stick from the ends but when I did that, I ended up with an air bubble in the middle.

That’s about it for now! Have a great rest of the week and may your week not be as hectic as ours 🙂

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us from PR for consideration. This entry and the whole blog is written with our own opinions and we do our utmost best to be as objective in every way.


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