Second eyeliner post in a week!

When it comes to eyeliner, black and brown are our loyal friends, but after a while, a girl needs a little brightness in her day – and what better way can there be than to mix it up a little with the everyday makeup routine while still keeping it simple and easy to match with any outfit? Easy – change your eyeliner from black or brown to a different colour! And by that we don’t mean bright pink or turquoise, unless you’re into that. We’re talking darker shades, with a lovely pop.

In my personal attempt to shake things up a tiny bit with my daily work makeup, I bought two of the above Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner by Eyestudio pencils.

Now, before that excruciatingly long moniker threatens to bore you, read on to find out more!

I am the proud owner these pencils in dark purple (bottom row, furthest to the right in the picture) and forest green (top row, third from right in the picture). Both of them are nicely pigmented and look lovely drawn on. Texture wise, they feel a little bit like a pastel crayon – smooth, quite soft, and if you press too hard the pencil itself smooshes a little so the key here is to use a light hand and gentle strokes.

I bought the purple pencil in an effort to emulate the look of a good friend who’d tried purple liner and achieved staggeringly beautiful results – the purple brought out the brown of her irises and her eyes looked so warm and lovely! As a fellow brown-eyed girl, I attempted to achieve her look with this liner and I was very happy with the result.

The purple shade is dark, but if you smudge it a little bit after application, the purple really pops and accentuates brown eyes (Asian girls, take note that although it sounds dodgy, purple and brown – when it comes to eyes at least – make an unusually pleasant combination!). Smudge and blend more, and you get a really soft purple shadow, which looks feminine and elegant.

After this good experience, I purchased the forest green version and was delighted by this too. The green shade is just so pretty, with a hint of shimmer in it. We brown-eyed girls are fortunate in a sense that very few colours clash with our neutral eye colour, so we can wear most colours on our eyes and look good. Many beauty magazines often prescribe dark green liner to make hazel eyes pop – I will tell you now that it does the same for darker brown eyes too.

The green goes on easily and contrasts well with brown eyes – I found that when I wore this green shaded liner, my friends didn’t just comment that they noticed my liner was a dark green; they also said the brown of my eyes looked more pronounced and brighter. This liner/shadow also looks just as good applied to the waterline as it does your lashline.

Additionally, if you smudge it out a bit more, it becomes a creamy-looking shadow, but I personally found that this shade worked better as a liner than an eyeshadow for my skintone. Other girls (particularly olive-toned girls) might find it flattering though.

Pour conclure, what a steal! The colours are beautiful; tinted just enough to ensure others notice that little change in your appearance, yet subtle enough that they can be worn at any occasion, formal or casual.  They are durable; a strong, smooth stroke on the lashline and it’s eyeliner;  if you smudge it and blend it out a bit more it becomes an eyeshadow. They last throughout the day if you powder or prime your lids beforehand. Either way worn, they look great.

These pencils only cost MYR15.90 each, which is quite the bargain already – and if you’re lucky enough to encounter upon them during a sale at Watsons Malaysia, they cost only MYR13.90.


3 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner by Eyestudio

  1. I love the black one, it stays for long! But I tried the white and it is not good for the waterline or lower lashline and very hard to remove using makeup remover or even oil.

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