Just before Chinese New Year, my beloved Shu Uemura refillable liquid eyeliner pen ran out of ink and in the festive madness, I had no time to hike out to my nearest Shu Uemura counter to get a refill. Instead, I traipsed off to the nearest pharmacy to get a cheap temporary alternative. On the recommendation of a dear friend and colleague who is quite the eyeliner queen, I picked out a Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Noir (261).

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer - Photo courtesy of rimmellondon.com

How did it fare? Read on after the jump!

This nifty, lightweight eyeliner pencil is automatic and retractable. Usually I don’t particularly like retractable eyeliners as the lead is prone to breakage and they are a pain to sharpen when they get blunt. However, this one appears quite sturdy and comes with a handy-dandy sharpener (it’s a removable small pointed firm sponge at the other end of the pencil, which can also be used as a smudger after application).

Texture-wise, this pencil glides on relatively smoothly with a gentle hand (similar to the smoothness of an oil pastel, sans flaky residue). It blends out beautifully into a smokey eye, too. I half expected it to smudge like crazy over the course of a long, humid day of manic running about because of its oil pastel-like texture, but lo and behold, it did not.

The colour payoff provided by this eyeliner pencil is also excellent – I found that a single stroke gave me a nice, consistent, black (not very dark grey or very dark grey with a slight greenish tinge, which happens with many liners masquerading as “black”) line that added a nice depth to my eyes.

Finally, on to the one thing I really like about this liner: it’s the first liner I have ever used that does not make my eyes water and redden in protest when I tightline. Tightlining can be quite tricky and often takes practice to perfect, but it makes a huge difference when done properly. It is therefore important to use an eyeliner that doesn’t irritate your eyes when tightlining.  Sadly, as much as I love my Shu Uemura liner, my sensitive eyes don’t react well to it when I tightline. They seem to be pretty content with Rimmel Exaggerate, though – and that makes me a happy girl.

Pour conclure, this baby has quickly become my favourite pencil eyeliner. It lasts, it doesn’t smudge or run even in high humidity, the colour is intense and dark, the pencil is so easy to tote around anywhere, and it doesn’t make me tear up when I tightline!  Normally, I don’t appreciate Rimmel products (save for their awesome nail colours), but I absolutely love this one.

This eyeliner retails at a very affordable SGD 7.90 at Watsons in Singapore, and a comparable MYR 16 to 18 at Watsons in Malaysia. I was lucky enough to get mine during a Watson’s Singapore beauty sale at 20% off. The sale offers some pretty good deals, so keep your eyes peeled for them when they come around!

Do take note that the colours listed on the Rimmel USA site that I’ve hyperlinked to are not all available in this part of the world: from what I remember, I saw Sable (211), Noir (261), Precious Gold (290), Emerald Sparkle (250) and a gorgeous shade not listed on the website called Perfect Plum (220) in stores.


3 thoughts on “Review: Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer

    • Hi Connie!

      Thanks for the recommendation… might look into that next time 😉 For the moment I think I have too much already, and no excuse to keep buying. There’s so much I have yet to review too! Thanks for coming by 🙂

      – ksuan

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