Hey folks, so sorry again for the delay in writing – but I am back! Thanks for your patience.

On my recent overseas vacation, I went slightly crazy and bought four drugstore mascaras to try out – I intend to go through them one by one over a period of months so I can give you solid reviews on each of them. Since I got back, I have been using this baby right here: the CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Blasting mascara.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume - Photo courtesy of covergirl.ca

So what’s my verdict? Answers after the jump!

First impressions first: the bright orange tube is an eye-catcher in an unto itself, among the hordes of boring black or white tubes. Admittedly, it is a little bit bulky and big (and because the base is a little smaller than the bulging middle of the tube, it struggles to stand upright on a flat surface for too long), but the upside to this is that it contains a whopping 13.1ml worth of mascara, in comparison to other brands’ smaller tubes that hold up to 10ml normally.

Unscrewing the cap and seeing the brush gave birth to my second thought: holy moley this brush is ginormous. Dear readers who like their mascara brushes dainty for ease of reaching your lashes, this brush is not for you. Although I am a relatively initiated mascara user, I still worry that I might accidentally poke my eye out with this brush. Application-wise, it’s not bad: it’s rubber with very small, flexible bristles on it – this prevents clumping, a major pet peeve of mine. Size-wise though, it does take a little while to get used to, and reaching the tiniest of lashes is a challenge.

What about the formula? It’s not as thick as I thought it would be, and as aforementioned, the rubber brush helps with ensuring there is minimal clumping. One coat doesn’t appear to do much at first glance, but after a second coat is swiped on, I saw that my lashes looked fuller, thicker, and longer. It wasn’t the most natural of looks, but it was very pretty and presentable.  However, I would not recommend this mascara to those of you seeking a false-eyelash look as it’s not that bold (although admittedly, I have never tried triple-coating this mascara – it might just do the trick).

Let’s now talk about staying power: it lasts the 8-hour workday with ease (no smudging – hurray!), but begins to flake off a little bit towards the end – this is especially true if you have oily eyelids. However, I don’t see this as a major minus point as touching up takes little to no effort at all.

Pour conclure, this is a nice, all-rounded mascara to have handy in one’s purse for daily use. It does what it’s supposed to do: volumises sufficiently and makes lashes look thicker. Just expect to touch up a little bit at the end of the work day just before running out to after work drinks with the girls! At about USD 7.49, it was the most expensive (yes, you read right) of the four drugstore mascaras I purchased – but for a 13ml tube, this is incredibly affordable by any standard and I would be more than happy to stash away another tube or two for future use.

If you’re keen on buying, you can purchase CoverGirl products (and many others) online at Drugstore.com (they don’t ship to Malaysia yet though, sorry ladies – will keep hunting for sources for you!). CoverGirl products are also available in Australia, but their prices remain adjusted to USD conversion rates pre-economic downturn so they might be a little steep compared to the USD equivalent as it stands, but if you’d like to give it a whirl, I say why not!


8 thoughts on “Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara

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  2. I have the waterproof version and it holds a curl like crazy. I know it’s supposed to be a good thing but it often makes me look “surprised”. And of course the brush is ridiculously huge. Other than that, it’s not too bad of a mascara but not my fave to use

    • Hey Connie,

      Thanks for your input on the waterproof version! I chose to get the washable one because my sensitive eyes just despise the rubbing and scrubbing required to get rid of waterproof eye makeup.

      Haha, the surprised look is not always a positive side effect (unless one is really into the falsies look I guess), and I totally hear you on the ridiculously huge brush. I still fear prodding myself despite having used it for almost a month!

      – ksuan

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    • I totally see how it could scare anyone off! It is quite a large brush, but once you get beyond it and learn how to maneuver it, it’s a great mascara. I really wish they sold CoverGirl in Singapore, do you guys have it on shelves in the Phils?

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