I’ve only tried two The Face Shop products – one of their peel-off masks and now this nose pack peel-off. I’ve had it for the past year or so but it hasn’t finished yet. It’s not like it’s a huge tube – only 50g. Why?

The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack. Photo: Author's Own

Description: It’s a peel-off mask that you slather on your nose to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Adventurous me also slathered it on my chin and between my eyebrows because I get oil seeds there too. After slathering it on, you wait till it dries before peeling it off.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, titanium dioxide, paraben, aloe leaf extract, root extract, lots of parabens, another leaf extract, citric acid, fragrance, allantoin. Apparently formulated with White Mud and Burdock extract.

Now I know I’m not being very helpful right now, and my sarcasm is seeping through, but I have a reason why.

This product is utterly useless.

Normally I don’t hate a product this much but this is one of the worst products I’ve come across. It is cheap, only RM19.90. I thought I could save money on buying Biore strips! But I wasted my money on this when I could’ve gotten a 20-strip pack on special!

The issues I have with this:

  1. You need to put a lot of this in order for it to have some pull on the skin to help extract and remove the blackheads.
  2. But, if you put too much, it won’t dry in time and you’ll have the edges dry to a crisp while the middle part is still damp.
  3. By the time you wait for the damned thing to dry (yes, I am that annoyed), the edges latch so painfully on your skin that pulling it off potentially causes more damage.
  4. If you put too little, it doesn’t pull out anything for you at all!
  5. It hurts more than a plain old pore pack!!!

How to use: squirt out a pea-sized dollop and spread as evenly as possible over the nose. It needs to be as even as possible or it won’t dry properly.

Then again…are you going to wait for more than 15 minutes to let the whole thing dry? Biore packs take less than 10 minutes on me – possibly 5 to dry out. The last thing I want is to rip my skin out!

I wish I could say that I would go back to TFS and try out more of their stuff. But honestly mediocre products like these just annoy the heck out of me. Trying to find information about their whole product range is also irritating because their local website is just unprofessionally made. Not all the products are featured there, bad English, just bad, bad, bad.

Looking at the whole TFS range and the prices, I’d say you can get better products for your cash’s value in drugstores. Splurge a bit more and you can get a high quality product from the high-end retailers. I think I’ll try out Skinfood next time. Their nail polish is definitely much better than the samples I swiped at TFS but that will be for another blog post.


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