Ever since I started work, my eyes have been getting progressively tired, itchy and God forbid – because of the puffiness and tiredness, I’ve been getting double eyelids. I know most girls would give their right little finger for double lids but I like my eyes the way they are. Plus it feels uncomfortable as heck and I look weird.

My boyfriend had this little bottle of eye drops – must’ve been really old because I did some Internet trawling and found that it’s been upgraded. But why am I talking about such an insignificant item like eyedrops?

Rohto New V Plus Eyedrops. Photo: Sasa.com

These are the eye drops I’m talking about – the famous Rohto ones. Picture above is the old packaging. New packaging looks like this  (I think):

Rohto V Cool. Picture: Google.com

So again, what’s so special about this?

According to Sasa.com (link is in the picture), “Rohto New V Rohto Plus Eye Drops contains Vitamin B & special cooling formula. Effectively relieves eye discomfort arising from eyestrain. Soothes minor eye irritations & itchiness and removes eye redness, bringing a refreshingly cool feeling to the tired and sore eyes. Particularly effective for eye discomfort and dry eyes after wearing of contact lenses.”

When they say special cooling formula, they mean ouch, ouch, it stings but in the minty way, ouch, tear, and then suddenly, it’s all OK and your eyes feel refreshed. You feel immediately awake and for me, it chased away the temporary double eyelids.

You can only use this up to 4 times a day – any more and you’d probably inflame your eyes (actually no, but I think anything with a minty sensation probably may not be good on your eyes long-term), but it’s great if you’re a student or staring at the computer the whole day.

The only problem?


So if you’re interested, you can get it from Sasa.com for USD6.50 before specials. Works out to around RM20.00 for 13mls, but you won’t get it here. It’s not the same Rohto C Cube we see here.


8 thoughts on “Review: Rohto V Plus Eye Drops

  1. Hi Cheryl! I’ve seen it in Vietnam as well…probably retails for a heck of a lot cheaper. I’m not sure if this is in Singapore – might want to check with ksuan if it is.

    alternatively, look for the new one. i think the old packaging is hard to find.

  2. so i was at watsons today. and they had rohto on the shelves! ahha no idea why i was so excited but yea i was. however they’re not the ones with the cooling effect but the C cube.

    when i opened it, i was so amazed at how CUTE the packaging was!!and how tiny… at rm13.90 i was expecting something bigger.

    nonetheless, i really like it. my eyes get dry from wearing contact lenses all the time so this really helped. thanks for the recommendation! yay no more tired dry eyes!

    • Hey Mira, thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure if it’s available in Singapore, but good luck with finding it. The last I checked, it was not available in Malaysia and Singapore. Do let us know if you spot it.

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