I normally don’t gush immediately over beauty items – even my HG items like Laura Mercier Mineral Powder took a while to win my hardcore devotion.

But I had to make an exception for this…Lancome’s Maquicake UV Infinite 2-way powder foundation:

Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite. Photo: Google.com

Before I go on, I strongly suggest you read ParisB’s initial thoughts when she previewed the foundation here. She blogged this in 2008, so this was launched some time back. To quote from ParisB’s blog entry,

The Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite 2-way powder foundation is specially formulated for Asian skin and feels very light and soft with a silky smooth texture. It also contains SPF20/PA++ I tried doing some research online but it appears that the Maquicake UV Infinite is available in Asia only for now.

The Maquicake UV Infinite promises to be:-

  • anti-sweat
  • anti-sebum
  • long lasting
  • waterproof or water resistant
  • Light velvety texture

I got mine from my aunt, who was searching in vain for a darker colored foundation/powder as she’s a golfer and very tan. She got the darkest color, 55, and gave it to me as I recently got a tan after my holiday. When I first stared at it, I was struck at how utterly smooth it was. With other compact powders/foundations, there’s some ‘pixelation’ going on (I’m not even sure if you can use that word) but this one was just so smooth.

Anyway, I got this for free when it costs RM126.00 for a refill, so I quickly sponged it on.

This was my reaction in steps:

  1. WOW this IS my color to a T. I could barely see the difference in skin tone.
  2. WOW this is so SMOOTH. No caking, no pilling, and so lightweight!
  3. Quite good coverage – light to medium, and some even-ing out of skin tone but I find I still have to use concealer.

How did it live up to its claims?

Well, anti-sebum it wasn’t really, but it definitely held up a wee bit longer than my Laura Mercier powder. Anti-sweat/water yes – I was at the gym and I didn’t look flushed (normally I do). Light velvety texture a definite, resounding YES.

What won this over for me was the texture. Its smooth texture ensured ease of application. As a 2-way cake, you can apply it with a wet or dry sponge – wet for more coverage, dry for less. Coverage was almost as good as Laura Mercier’s, but it held up longer in the sebum department. Unlike some powders that oxidized on me, this one never oxidized. I was pretty amazed because I swore off compacts due to the oxidization. Loose powders generally don’t oxidize on me as much.

In short, I give 4 thumbs up (including my toes) because it lived up to its claims. For RM126.00 per refill from Lancome, I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can match well to a drugstore brand, and/or don’t need to worry about oxidization, I strongly recommend this.

P.S.: I didn’t mention about the SPF as I believe that you should never skip out on sunscreen. That being said, it’s SPF20/PA ++ which gives it better basic sunscreen protection that other compacts.


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