Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and New Year’s! Sorry for being AWOL for so long! I just got back from a lovely vacation and brought back a variety of products eagerly awaiting review.

Here’s a small sampling of upcoming reviews to whet your appetites while I request your kind patience as I struggle to overcome the simultaneous perils of jet lag, readapting to being back at work and mourning the newly acquired hole in my wallet:

Reviews of those products and more (including backlogs of my gleeful SGD 9 Stage lipstick purchases) are coming up, folks. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and a massive shoutout to dom for being an amazing co-blogger and being so diligent with updates over the last couple of weeks!


2 thoughts on “Brief Update from ksuan

    • Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for swinging by! I do love my EcoTools brushes too. It’s such a shame that they are so affordable in the US but so incredibly expensive here, almost comparable in price to Make Up For Ever and the like!

      – ksuan

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