Hope everyone had a Merry X’Mas and good holiday break! I myself am still on break till tomorrow – will be back at work and no break at all! Ksuan is away on a well-deserved holiday and will only be back next year.

So back to the usual post – I’ve heard heaps about Bodybar from Paris B’s and Connie’s blogs. If you haven’t heard, Bodybar is a beauty and skincare shop which specializes in all natural organic skincare. They bring in yummy brands like Madara, Badger Balm and Mukti. I’ve been meaning to try Madara for the longest time but I have such a bad habit of buying and hoarding, that one of my resolutions is to finish all the skincare I have before I buy. I did, however, cave in to buying this Just Herbal Natural Skin Care Facial Cream Cleanser from Bodybar at Tropicana City Mall, but only because it was discounted to RM28.00 from RM60.00!

Here’s the product:

Just Herbal Facial Cream Cleanser. Photo: Author's Own.

Just Herbal is a New Zealand brand committed to pure, simple, chemical-free, natural and effective skincare. They do not use any mineral oils, petroleum products, parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, propylene glycol, or artificial fragrances. The cream cleanser I bought had heaps of non-chemical ingredients such as sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera and shea butter right in front of the ingredient list. So how did it perform?

I bought this because I was searching for a makeup remover/double cleanser. The SA recommended this to me because it was on special and I thought, heck, for RM28.00, it sure was a bargain. To use, just pump once and massage gently onto face and neck before rinsing off. You can probably use this as a day and night cleanser as well but I prefer to use my Clinique cleanser for both day and night.

While there are a lot of natural oils in this product (sweet almond, sunflower), I found that this product didn’t leave me feeling oily. I’ve been using it so far and there are no break-outs on my face. However, it didn’t clean up that well – there were traces of make-up and I prefer having a squeaky clean feel after cleansing, whereas I just felt very moisturized after this.

I reckon that this would be pretty good for dry skin, more so than combination-oily skin. Still, for RM28.00 (150ml), it was a bargain for me. If I were to get this at its original price of RM60.00, I would go back to my Mandom cleanser which was so much cheaper and really good at removing make-up.


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