Is Sephora ever going to knock on our doors? *heaves dramatic sigh*

In the meantime, I’ll just have to content myself that I’ll be able to hop to Singapore at least twice a year and stock up.

Here’s one of the items I bought the last time:

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner To Go

I bought the 60ml travel size cleaner as it was dirt cheap (it was SGD12). There are bigger versions that go up to 200ml which I didn’t get as I wanted to test this out.

I use make-up everyday – all my three Bare Minerals brushes which I reviewed here are used every day. I try to clean them at least once a week, but I admit that sometimes I lapse into periods of laziness and don’t feel like doing it. This is when the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner comes in handy, as it’s a no-nonsense spritz bottle that allows you to squirt out good amounts of brush cleanser. Just spray away, wipe your brush on a piece of tissue, and leave it to dry. No rinsing necessary!

It’s an anti-bacterial cleanser designed to remove light traces of make-up. I think this is great for professional MUAs as it helps keep the brushes fresher, but as a daily cleaner, it’s too lightweight. For example, if you use your brush for liquid foundation, you may find that this brush cleaner isn’t as effective. I use loose powder, compact and stick concealers on my brushes, and I do find that I still need to give them the good ol’ thorough cleaning, or I’ll still end up with icky brushes.

Should you get it? I think it’s still a good budget purchase and it leaves your brushes more or less fresh. It removes freshly applied make-up on brushes quite well but if you’re having day-old make-up, maybe not so much. So just spray, wipe, and leave to dry. Don’t ever skimp on the weekly hardcore cleaning though!


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