I’ve just returned from Cambodia! Long trip and a long absence, but I shall make up for it.

It was my first time backpacking and as with any form of travelling, it’s always important to travel light. This includes toiletries and skincare – I normally then bring out my sample tubes and try to minimize my skincare routine where possible. So what happens if you’re strapped for space, you’re not checking in any luggage and you need to make sure your skin doesn’t go postal on you?

Most important step – cleansing. Getting off as much gunk as possible off your skin would probably save 60-70% of your skin. No dirt, no clogged pores. I had a trusty sample tube of Bobbi Brown’s Lathering Tube Soap which I put to the test. I didn’t bring another cleanser to double cleanse, so it was essential that I could have a cleanser to use in the short term that would help keep my skin trouble-free.

Bobbi Brown Lathering Tube Soap - Picture from BobbiBrown.com

The BobbiBrown.com website describes this cleanser as

A unique soap formula with a rich, luxurious lathering action that lifts off makeup and dirt. A Coconut Extract derivative cleanses deeply, yet gently, while Apricot Oil hydrates and cushions skin for an incredibly clean, soft, and refreshed feeling. Lathering Tube Soap works especially well for combination skin. Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested.

So what did I think?

It’s a cream cleanser that looks slightly shimmery. The phrase ‘cream cleanser’ may be a slight misnomer as it’s not a smooth, creamy type but rather a drier texture. However, a small amount lathers up well and has no discernible fragrance whatsoever. Being a cream cleanser, there will be some tightness after washing, but I must say that this cleanser does an amazing job of cleansing away most impurities. When I was in Cambodia, I used my Clinelle compact powder only and it still managed to remove it.

I strongly recommend this cleanser for those with no to minimal facial make-up. My skin did get a little clogged up but that’s my oily skin reaction to most cream cleansers. However, this was one of my favorite cleansers for a while. At RM95.00 per tube, it’s probably one of the pricier cleansers around but users rate it at a healthy 4.8 out of 5! I’m definitely one of those users and I don’t think it dried out my skin too much. If anything, my skin felt cleaner and more matte.

Anyone use this before? I’m starting to find out that BB skincare can equally be as amazing as her makeup stuff!


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