Our first guest post! belledemoiselle is thrilled to be in the company of the beautiful and immensely talented SdeV, Melbourne-based photographer extraordinaire with a dynamic, diverse and ever-evolving portfolio. She is also a very dear friend to both of us authors from our university days in the Land Down Under and kindly agreed to pen a guest post for our blog, highlighting her favourite products. We hope you enjoy the read!

– domncroxd and ksuan


Hi! I’m SdV from sdevarax.com, a fashion and beauty photographer/law student currently based in Melbourne and good friend of ksuan and domcroxd. I work with many wonderful makeup artists and have the opportunity to observe them apply their skills and products in some very awe-inspiring ways – but I’m also just a normal girl who sometime finds makeup a chore but still wants to feel pretty!  Hey, which girl doesn’t?

Read on for reviews of my two favourite products!

The first time I visited Sephora in Paris I couldn’t resist picking up a few choice items to add to my very limited collection of makeup. The following two products are without a doubt my favourite thus far, as I love effortless easy to use items that could be quickly thrown on without looking like a disaster.

Product Review #1: OneBase Concealer and Foundation by Cargo

Photo courtesy of sdevarax

This concealer and foundation in one by Cargo comes packaged in a slim silver plastic tube with a wand applicator. Usually anything touting to be a great two in one product falls a little suspect but I was fairly surprised to find that OneBase lives up to the hype.

The site says OneBase is

Specifically designed for women who prefer to use foundation only on certain parts of the face such as nose, chin, and forehead. OneBase contains lightweight essential oils (such as chamomile, avocado and vitamin E extracts) to condition the skin and add radiance as it instantly eliminates imperfections, redness, and darkness. Fragrance-free, and excellent for even the most sensitive skin.

With my tan skin, I’m the type who really dislikes putting on foundation as it 1) takes a long time, 2) is hard to find a matching shade and 3) makes my skin feel all heavy and clogged. OneBase however is light and creamy and sheer enough to layer on to cover imperfections and I can wear it both during the day to classes and for going out. I also did not have to worry too much about matching colour as with a few quick dabs and swipes with my finger it blends in with my natural skin tone. Unfortunately OneBase is only available in a limited range of shades, catering mostly to fair-mid tan skin.

The tube is selling for about USD26, a total bargain for such a nifty two in one product! It’s perfect for ladies on the go who like something light but provide good coverage on the face. I’d highly recommend you pick up one for yourself.

Product Review #2: Radiant Loose Powder in a Brush by Sephora

Photo courtesy of sdevarax

This product is what it says it is – powder built into a brush that can be easily shaken out and applied on skin. There is not need to fuss about loose powder in compacts or extra brushes rattling around. It’s small and can be slipped into a handbag.

The website says it is

‘A silky smooth loose translucent powder in a self contained brush applicator. Veils the skin with a soft radiant finish and a hint of shimmer that lasts all day. The light as air formula glides on smooth and is ideal for all skin types.

I like how the brush can be retracted so the bristles are protected when the cover goes on. I found that this product is efficient in giving the skin a subtle shimmery glow and can be used by itself or as a setting powder. Loose powder definitely has an advantage over compact powder in that it doesn’t give a cakey look.

However the cons with this particular product is you can’t really control how much powder is dispensed (it can take a few shakes before enough can be used) and the brush isn’t the best in the world. Other than this it is lovely for removing shine and gives the skin some liveliness, the scent is faint and not unpleasant and it is just very efficient to use. Recommended for ladies who would like a quick powder fix or an alternative to bronzer.

That’s all from me for now – thanks for reading and if you’re interested in checking out my photography, please do at sdevarax.wordpress.com or sdevarax.com!

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