Budget queen is back! Sorry for the short departure – had too much to do over the past week or so but luckily for me I have an awesome blog buddy who came up with two great articles. Now I have to keep up with her! 🙂

My latest find this week is Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash. You know, it’s that green face wash we always see. Here, take a look:

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash - Source: Google

OK – description first, before I let you know how I found it. The face wash has neem and tumeric as its active ingredients, and is purported to clear your skin and prevent outbreaks by removing excess oil and impurities. Neem is well-known for its antibacterial properties, which kill pimple-causing bacteria. Combined with tumeric, the facial wash helps to combat pimples and acne. As it’s soap-free, HH’s Purifying Neem Face Wash is also said to be non-drying and leaves your skin soft and refreshed.

My verdict?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Remember how I said I love lather (despite the SLS, etc)? If you’re a lather lover like me, this one will disappoint because there’s absolutely no lather whatsoever. The gel has quite a pleasant, firm texture and doesn’t smell strange despite the neem and tumeric. It may have marginally helped to clear up some excess oil but I don’t think I benefited much from its anti-acne/pimple properties, since I rarely get zits. I did have a giant zit on my forehead which I popped a few days ago but it’s healing quite quickly, so I’m not sure again if this gel cleanser is helping me.

I don’t feel like it cleanses that well either. Due to its rather viscous texture, it doesn’t spread out as easily as I’d like and I feel like I’m dragging my skin sometimes.

At RM26.90 for 150ml, this is definitely a budget buy. Whether or not this works on pimple-prone skin, I can’t tell, but I dont’ think I reaped that many benefits. Would I buy this over Clinelle’s Deep Cleansing Gel, which retails at around RM33+ for 100ml? I’m not sure either, because Clinelle’s DCG cleans off a bit more make-up than this one. I suggest this at night with a double cleanser if you like it, because this is not strong enough to remove any makeup.

Hence for me, it’s a so-so nyeh kinda product. I don’t love or hate it, and I don’t think I’ll buy it again either. Was a bit disappointed really, because ksuan didn’t mind this product. Oh well…I guess it’s just one of those products.


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