I’ll confess: as an oily-skinned girl, I’ve never been a body or hand lotion lover. I always found most products on the market too greasy and comedogenic; plus, my skin seemed fine without it. Until, that is, I moved to a drier climate: first Australia, then Paris, then back to Australia. Boy oh boy did I learn then that moisturising bodily skin was important and useful, and I haven’t turned back since. It remains, however, a challenge to find a body lotion that I really take to.

Recently, I picked up two 60ml bottles of The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Purée at a Body Shop warehouse sale.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Purée - Photo courtesy of thebodyshop.co.uk

This product has rapidly become one of my all-time favourite body lotions – read on to find out why.

Alright, I won’t lie – the tangy, bittersweet, refreshingly citrusy scent of the Body Shop’s pink grapefruit range is what reeled me in at first. Little didI know that the best was yet to come with this lovely lotion.

The Body Shop’s body purée is a lightweight gel-based body moisturiser made for those who find their famous body butters, which are tailored to calm and soothe dry to very dry skins, a little on the heavy side. The difference is most evident when directly applied to the skin: the purée has an instant cooling effect thanks to its more watery texture and doesn’t require a lot of massaging in for it to absorb fully, while the body butter is quite rich and needs a fair bit of massaging to work it into the skin.

As aforementioned, I used to find many body lotions too rich for my liking. It was especially frustrating that I absolutely loved the pink grapefruit body butter, but had no way to justify buying an entire tub knowing that I would never come close to finishing it. However, when I came across the body purée version, I was hooked and gave it a try in the store. I loved that it was so light and my hands lapped it up with great eagerness, leaving them smooth and extra velvety afterward. It didn’t hurt that my hands smelled rather wonderfully fruity afterward, and I must have confused many a passerby with my happily sniffing my hands as I strolled through the mall.

Pour conclure, two little bottles later, I am well and truly hooked. I take a bottle with me everywhere I go – it fits inconspicuously in my work bag and most handbags/purses I own, and massaging this stuff into one’s hands is a great pick-me-up after a long day. Plus, there is just something nice about having perfectly soft and moisturised hands. Hands work so hard for us on an everyday basis, and we deserve to pamper them once in a while no?

The Body Shop’s body purées come in a range of gorgeous varieties including satsuma, strawberry, mango and moringa (for a better idea of what’s available, head to your nearest Body Shop outlet). Currently, a 250ml pump bottle retails at SGD19.90 – not a bad price for a good quality body lotion. Now, if only they sold those adorable 60ml bottles as individual products instead of as parts of gift sets…


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