No matter how tired I am, no matter how little or no makeup I have, I must always double-cleanse my face before sleeping. I’ve blogged earlier about Urban Decay’s cleansing gel which didn’t impress me too much, and I soon started looking around for an affordable yet good cleanser I could use to remove makeup before proceeding to my normal cleansing routine. Did I find what I wanted with Mandom’s Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion?

Mandom Cleansing Express SEBUM Cleansing Lotion. Photo: Author's Own

You bet I did! Before I go into how good this product is, here’s some background on the product. Mandom has three ranges of this cleansing lotion: one for combination-oily skin, which is the SEBUM one I purchased, one for dry skin called MOIST and one for anti-ageing called AGE CARE Q10. The premise is simple: water-based cleansing to remove makeup, cleanse, tone and lightly moisturize skin – thus being “ready for bed as soon as possible!” (that’s their tag line). Mandom also has an eye makeup remover and a gel cleanser which I have yet to try but am tempted to thanks to the performance of their cleansing lotion.

Photo: Author's Own

It’s like this 300ml bottle of goodness. Comes with a pump dispenser, and 2 pumps onto a cotton pad are more than enough to clean a full face of makeup. I generally have mineral powder foundation on top of my moisturizer and serum, and it removes most traces of makeup – enough for me to follow up with my normal cleanser and get squeaky-clean skin. It can remove eye makeup but I generally would recommend a proper eye makeup remover since most mascaras need an oil-based remover. If I use this purely on its own, I’ll use more than 2 pumps and 1 cotton pad to get all the makeup off.

The huge plus points for me are its cleansing properties: water-based, removes debris without stripping moisture, is fragrance-free and alcohol-free. It’s hard to believe that water-based cleansers can remove so much but I never cease to be amazed whenever I see a cotton pad full of brown and black, plus random bits of dirt here and there. It works so well as a first cleanser – and unlike the UD gel cleanser, I notice no leftover grime when I use my toner. I daresay that if you’re feeling exceptionally lazy, you can pretty much just use this at night and go to bed immediately. Don’t do that too often though – your skin still needs its proper care!

This huge 300ml bottle has lasted me for about four months now and I’ve got about a a quarter left. I’ve been using it nightly every day and it’s not done anything funny to my skin, thanks to its alcohol, preservative and fragrance-free formula. I’m probably gushing about this product but it really is my HG night double cleanser and I’ll continue using it until I find something else. I’ve found this in Watsons and Guardian, but I bought it on sale at Watsons for about RM29. RRP is RM34.90. Since this range comes in three types, I daresay you’ll find something for yourself. If you’ve got combo-oily skin like me, get SEBUM. For anti-ageing, get the Q10 and for normal-dry skin, get MOIST.


8 thoughts on “Review: Mandom Cleansing Express SEBUM Cleansing Lotion

  1. Thanks for the review! It certainly sounds like a good makeup remover. Just unfortunate that it can’t completely remove eye makeup. Thus, I use a cleansing oil so that I won’t need a separate eye makeup remover

    • Hi Connie, thank you so much for dropping by – love your blog! I agree, a cleansing oil is good for an overall clean. I remember you mentioned on your blog that your skin type is a little drier and possibly the cleansing oil would feel much nicer for you?

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  3. first time i used this cleanser, i felt clean and clear off my face. it felt amazed when i found dirt and all make-up in the cotton pad. also, it can take my mascara and eyeshadow out of my eyes. fantastic! just 2 drops from dispenser indeed.

    • Hi Rissa, it does a good job of removing face makeup – waterproof BB cream, heavy foundation, primers, and so on. You need to swipe across your face about 2-3 times though. This doesn’t really remove heavy eye makeup as effectively as as proper eye makeup remover.

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