I must confess – I’m not very good with using lip balms and the ones I buy usually go to waste. I had 2 Vaseline lip balms for my 3 years when I was studying in Melbourne but never got around to finishing both of them!! Knowing this, I rarely bought lip balms or lip glosses, or basically anything lip-related. I caved in however when Burt’s Bees finally came to Malaysia, and I bought its famous lip balm.

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm. Photo: Author's Own

I bought this at The Gardens Midvalley and chose the one with pomegranate oil. The SA explained that it leaves a sheer tint, so for those who want a little natural color and hydrated lips, this is the lip balm to get.

Photo: Author's Own

It definitely gave me the sheer deep pink tint, and hydration-wise, I don’t find it that spectacular compared to other brands like Nivea and Vaseline. It smells vaguely of honey and doesn’t have any unpleasant taste. The funny thing about me when I use lip balms is that they’ll cause my lips to crack a little and I can peel off the first layer of skin before it becomes moisturized. Does that happen to you? It doesn’t hurt and for the first few months that I used it religiously everyday, my lips were smooth and plump with a nice ‘I-just-ate-something-spicy-but-delicious’ color to it.

It’s got a nice formula and doesn’t melt when left out in the heat. I like how it’s not very oily despite the oils in the formula, and it gives good hydration and sheer color. It’s also made out of natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and a mixture of oils such as poomegranate, castor seed, coconut, canola and soybean.

Photo: Author's Own

For RM18 per 4.25g tube however, I’m not sure if I’d buy this again. There are heaps of lip balms out there that are  cheaper and do pretty much the same thing. I think I got caught up in the whole ‘Burt’s Bees is here!’ craze and while I don’t regret buying it (because it does work and it’s got a nice formula), I feel that lip balm formulas feel similar throughout many different brands and if I do get lip balms, I’ll probably stick with the cheaper ones I can find from drugstores.

The nice thing about Burt’s Bees though is that if you bring in an empty Burt’s Bees product container on every 31st of the month, you’ll get a 10% or 20% discount on your next purchase. The lip balms also come in pot versions which are cheaper per use but may not be as hygienic as the ones in the tubes.


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