So I bought this baby in July and started using it almost immediately. Just a quick recap: The Body Shop’s Vitamin C line was revamped back then and now all of their Vit. C stuff has new packaging and new ingredients. The Microdermabrasian cleanser has been pumped up with Amazonian camu camu which has 10x the amount of Vitamin C. You can read all about it in my previous entry.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion - Photo: Author's Own

My verdict after 2 months? I absolutely love this product! My camera isn’t great with macro shots, but do try to imagine this: a nice white cream cleanser enriched with fine abrasive particles that leave your skin silky smooth. It has little black particles and fine white granules that really help slough off dead skin cells and over time, even out thskin tone.

It’s got a slight tangy smell to it which doesn’t really remind me of citrus, but it’s not totally unpleasant either. What really won me over were the fine particles. They were really fine yet firm enough to get a squeaky clean scrub – even finer than that of Clinique’s 7-Day Scrub! However, unlike the 7-Day Scrub, you can only use this at twice a week at most and it’s not suitable for sensitive skin. Those with dry skin need not worry as it also contains shea butter.

After using this, it felt so nice to slather on my serum and moisturizer. I especially concentrated on my nose and chin where a lot of the blocked pores were and there was a lot of improvement. Over the 2 months I’ve noticed that my skin is a little brighter, and I’ve used it every Sunday without fail.

At RM75 for 75ml, I think it’s a good price for a weekly treatment and you’ll definitely love it as a good clean-up for your face. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin though as the fine particles may irritate your skin.


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