I recently purchased my first palette: the L’Oréal Penelope Cruz Star Secrets Kit. The picture of Penelope Cruz in all her sultry Latina glory on the front was what first caught my eye, but I really liked what I saw on the inside (save for the lip colour – more on that after the jump!) and decided to impulse buy it.

L’Oréal Penelope Cruz Star Secrets Kit – Photo: Author’s own

What’s inside the kit? Read on!

So, this is what the palette looks like on the inside:

L’Oréal Penelope Cruz Star Secrets Kit : inside – Photo: Author’s own

Going through the components one by one, here goes:

1. Eyeshadows

This is what made me want to buy this palette. Like Syen of So Loverly, I am a huge sucker for natural brown eyeshadows – there’s something illuminatng, warm and natural about them that I can’t get enough of. This palette boasted a nice little trio of golden brown shades: #3 is very light and used as a highlighter for the brow area, #2 is a more pronounced, deeper golden brown to be swept directly over the eyelid, and #1 is a dark chestnut colour with gold shimmer in it used for the crease/outer V. They went on quite smoothly with the help of my EcoTools eyeshadow brush, and needed a bit more blending upon application as they’re quite heavily pigmented. In the end, I was pretty happy with the way it looked: natural, warm and soft.

2. Blush

While this matte dusty brown-rose shade is indeed pretty, oh boy is it pigmented. One light touch of the blush brush to this, and you have enough colour to evenly coat both cheeks. I made the mistake of underestimating the pigment the first time, and I was so horrified that I had to run to the ladies’ room and wash it all off. When I finally got the dosage right, it looked nice and brought out the apples of my cheeks when I smiled, but ultimately it was still a touch too brown for my skin. I have a feeling this would look better on someone slightly more tanned or olive-undertoned though.

3. Lip colour

First things first – yes, it’s bright. Sandra Bullock at last year’s Oscars bright. And yes, I’m still afraid of bright lips (see here) but I liked this palette’s eyeshadow combination so much that I figured I’d close one eye to the redness of the lip colour included. I’ve tried it only experimentally at home, and it’s not the smoothest lip colour I’ve ever come across. It went on very pigmented but a little patchy and uneven, and I had to layer it on quite thick to get a nice consistency – by which time my lips looked a trifle beestung (and not in the Angelina Jolie sort of way) and over-the top.

Pour conclure, if I could use one word to describe this palette it would be (surprise, surprise) pigmented. I use the colours on this palette with great caution and discretion! On the bright side though, this means that the product itself will last for months and months because so little is used with each application.

Personally, I reckon for a yellow-undertoned girl, the eyeshadows would work well for a nice, natural look with a touch of shimmer. The blush would work great in very measured and careful doses too. Lip colour wise, unless you’re a fan of and can pull off the glamourous bright red look, this shade may not be your cup of tea.

These palettes cost RM50 when they were first introduced circa mid to late 2008, last I recall – but I was lucky and got mine at SGD13.90 (about RM35 or so) at a warehouse sale just recently.

For more reviews, check out mymakeupreviews and ParisB‘s takes on the L’Oréal Star Secrets range!


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