I did it, I braved The Body Shop Singapore Warehouse Sale at Suntec down in the city after work. It was slightly spontaneous, and I was daunted by the thought of hundreds of other women jostling their way through for the same reason I would be there, but I couldn’t resist the thought of discounted pink grapefruit-scented products calling out to me – so off I went in pursuit of them (among other things)!

Below is my haul. It may be little, but it still warms my heart.

The Body Shop Sinagpore Warehouse Sale haul - Photo: Author's Own

Read on for descriptions and prices!

Two bottles of shower gel – pink grapefruit and pomegranate – for SGD14.90. They normally retail at SGD12.90 a bottle.

Two exfoliating skin towels, SGD 5 each. These normally retail at SGD9.90 apiece.

A 50ml tub of peppermint intensive foot rescue for SGD5. Regular retail price: SGD21.90 for a 100ml tub . A 50ml tub of sweet lemon body butter for the younger sister for SGD5. Regular retail price: SGD29.90 for a 200ml tub. I like these smaller ones (usually only found in gift sets) because they’re easier to tote around and they don’t take light years to finish.

Two 60ml bottles of pink grapefruit body puree, one 60ml bottle of pink grapefruit shower gel and one 60ml bottle of sweet lemon shower gel for my younger sister for SGD10 in total. These handy-sized babies are normally sold in packs, not individually, so this was particularly fun for me.

I also bought a small makeup pouch for SGD3 – something to toss staple makeup items into so it’s easier to transfer them all between handbags and purses.

All in all, the trip was completely worth the long train ride down. The markdowns were quite impressive, and all the products I picked up expire in 2012 of 2013 when normally, most price-slashed warehouse sale products are cheap because they’re close to expiring. A couple of girlfriends met me there, and they couldn’t resist the prices and selection either. Upon coming home, one of my housemates decided after inspecting my haul that she was heading down first thing next morning.

I guess my final point is this, ladies: if there’s a good warehouse sale on, go for it! The bang for your buck is worth the gently elbowing overzealous fellow shoppers out of your way. It really is.

Reviews on all Body Shop warehouse sale haul products and more to come, so watch this space – and thanks again for reading!

6 thoughts on “Sale Aftermath: The Body Shop Warehouse Sale (Mini) Haul!

    • Hey Tin,

      Thanks for the comment! So glad I went, and will definitely be going to their next one if they have one sometime soon.

      – ksuan

  1. uwah uwah. really good haul suan! im so jealous hahaha.. i cant live without their body butter. they’re the only ones that have been working well for me in dry dry melbourne. but i’ve never seen a sweet lemon body butter before! they’re all soo cheapp!!

    • Hey Cheryl!

      Thanks, it was such a fun experience despite the human barrage I had to work through. And so worth the money, would have had to pay at least double for all these products normally.

      The sweet lemon body butter smells gorgeous by the way – citrusy and light – you should try it if you ever come across it! Unfortunately I’m more a body puree person as my skin’s not quite dry enough to absorb it all without being sticky.

      – ksuan

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