I have always been a huge Bobbi Brown fan (as evidenced by the following entries). So when I came across their Fall 2010 Collection, I was thrilled.

Introducing what I think is one of Bobbi’s prettiest collections to date: Denim and Rose.

Bobbi Brown Fall 2010 Collection - Denim and Rose

For more, keep reading!

Here’s a look at their beautiful range:

Bobbi Brown Fall 2010 Collection - Denim and Rose - Photo courtesy of Google Images

I am still swooning at how nice this collection is. Based on the poster, the look is soft, classy, elegant and relaxed while a little bit funky.

Below are my three favourite elements of the collection (not including the long-wear gel eyeliner, which I am already a massive fan of – see here for proof).

I really like the Denim and Rose Face Palette, which boasts fresh rosy-coloured shades for lips and cheeks, and smokey blues,  shimmery greys and soft sparkly pinks for eyes. The website says that it embodies the “dressed-up denim” look – that is to say, this palette could as easily create both casual and dressy looks. Either way, I think this palette would do the job brilliantly as the colour combination that it offers is quite versatile (fresh rosy colours for the daytime, shimmery blues/greys for evening pop).

Although I haven’t checked it out myself, the Highlighter Pen looks like it could be an interesting addition to a makeup bag. It is meant to work as an illuminator for the cheekbones or any other part of your face that you want to highlight. I’m guessing it works like a liquid, blendable blush in a tube with an applicator brush.

Finally, I am loving their Shimmer Lip Gloss in Raspberry, the limited shade created specially for the Denim and Rose collection. I normally don’t like dark pinks in lip colours, but this one is just so lustrous and lovely!

What do you girls think? Have any of you checked it out for yourselves?


4 thoughts on “First Look: Bobbi Brown Fall 2010 Collection – Denim and Rose

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    • Hi April, thanks for the drop-by. Hope you’re enjoying your Denim and Rose Palette collection as much as we enjoy it 🙂

    • Hi April, thanks for sharing your thoughts – we love that Bobbi Brown always retains a natural elegance in every collection she churns out. Some call it boring, we call it timeless, effortless beauty 🙂

      – ksuan

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