Has anyone out there heard of IsaDora cosmetics before?

I hadn’t, until I ordered a few products off StrawberryNet and received one of its lip glosses as a free gift with my purchase. At first, I was skeptical (as many women are, when it comes to brands unheard of) – but when I popped the cover off this little tube and saw the cheery pink pop of colour within, I felt hopeful.

IsaDora Wet Gloss in #23 Golden Cherry – Photo: Author’s Own

Read on to find out more about IsaDora, and to see what I thought of IsaDora Wet Gloss in #23 Golden Cherry.

IsaDora is a Swedish company founded in 1983, and they manufacture a full range of beauty products from cosmetics to skin and hair care to fragrances to accessories. They’ve apparently made headway into the markets of over 40 countries – mostly in Europe, I think – and have been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan Norway, Glamour Sweden and even People Magazine USA. It’s a wonder why they haven’t created waves in Asia yet! I suppose competition here runs rampant, especially with the recent influx of Japanese and Korean brands flooding the market.

Product-wise, they emphasise quality, no fragrances, non-animal clinical testing and a wide range of colours for every woman to pick from. Apparently, while they have a selection of classic colours and palettes, their collection is also updated six times a year to keep up with international fashion and seasonal trends! Plus, they only use non-toxic, non-harmful pigments approved by US and EU standards in the manufacturing of their products. Talk about dedication to the craft.

So what did I think of my IsaDora Wet Gloss in #23 Golden Cherry?

First impressions first: the gloss itself is packaged in a prim little mother-of-pearl coloured lipstick tube that clicks satisfyingly when opened and shut (little things make me happy). While it’s plastic, it’s not super flimsy like some other lipstick cases (yes, Maybelline, I’m talking about yours!).

The gloss itself is, as depicted, a cheerful-looking shade of cool pink. Despite its exceedingly girly exterior, when swiped on it actually doesn’t scream Barbie – applied, it is a soft pink with a nice golden-undertoned sheen. I know that may sound a little dubious, but trust me when I say it looked quite lovely against my warm undertoned skin. I found that one layer did the trick for a subtle and elegant look, and two layers made lips look rather kissable in a “touched by sunlight” way thanks to the gold sheen. The Golden Cherry moniker is well-deserved in this lippie’s case!

I also really liked that it was a gloss and not a lipstick, as this colour would not have worked well had it been more pigmented. As a sheer, light gloss, it was just right. However, although it’s supposed to be a Wet Gloss, it in no way replicates the effect of Maybelline Watershine and other products that fall under the category. When applied, IsaDora Wet Gloss does not provide a high-gloss, super moisturising, ultra-shiny look. What it does, however, is give your lips a soft, lustrous, glowy sheen. Personally, I prefer the latter to the former as it’s a little more classic, timeless and versatile.

While IsaDora Wet Gloss isn’t that moisturising, it does not have that sticky texture that I dread in most glosses – i.e. when the wind blows your hair into your face, you spend no time (or embarassment) at all sputtering and pulling strands of awry hair that have gotten stuck to your glossed lips. This is definitely a perk I could get used to when it comes to glosses.

Also, when it comes to staying power, this gloss is quite amazing. It’s a gloss that stays intact after a full meal. Yes, really. I annihilated a plate of mixed rice and afterward, my lips barely needed any touching up at all – that nice pinky-golden sheen was still there.

Pour conclure, if other IsaDora products are as good as their Wet Gloss, count me in for rallying them to make an appearance on our shores! The rest of their range as depicted on the website looks promising and worth a browse through at the very least.

You can buy IsaDora products online from CosmeticMall.com, an American-based online cosmetics shop. Prices are a little higher than typical drugstore brands, but not as high as upmarket brands like Chanel or Guerlain. They begin at USD 9.00 fo a bottle of nail polish, while lipsticks and glosses retail at about USD13 – 15. Apparently some IsaDora products are also available at Walgreens. Let’s hope they bring this intriguing brand to Asia sometime soon so we can check it out for ourselves – otherwise, if any of you girls have friends in the States, this might just be the time to ask them to pinch one or two for you!


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