I strongly believe that you don’t need to have a full face of make-up to look polished. Lately I’ve seen more girls with the full works – foundation + highlighters + eyeliner + eyeshadow + falsies + mascara + blush + lip + etc etc…well, you get the picture.

I’ve observed ladies at work and I noticed that the polished, elegant ones really don’t do much with their make-up. The most important thing I’ve noticed though is that most of them always have mascara and eyeliner – it’s like the HG of your basic polished look. So here I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite eyeliners – Empro’s liquid Black Diamond Liner (Fine Line).

Empro Black Diamond Liquid Eyeliner - Photo: Author's Own

There are so many things to adore about this product. First off – its shape. Unlike most liquid eyeliners I’ve seen, this one is packaged like a pen. Shake it to get the liquid flowing, pull off the cap, and draw. Use it and hold it like a pen. How easy is that? No more screwing the cap off and drawing it painstakingly. There’s also less worry of the eyeliner drying up as the liquid is contained effectively in the pen-like packaging.

Pen eyeliner - Photo: Author's Own

Secondly – I absolutely love how the brush is fine enough to tightline the eyes and capable enough to create a dramatic cat eye look. It’s also firm, yet flexible, unlike the screw-cap type liquid eyeliners I see in drugstores.

Super fine --> Thick. Photo: Author's Own

Thirdly – the formula. It’s a fast-drying formula and glides on very smoothly. The brush still stays in shape and even without an eye primer, the liner stays on without much smudging or fading away.

I do have oily lids though, so I find that I need to use eye primer if I really want the staying power. With primer, I can rub my eyes as much as I want and not end up with panda eyes – one of my woes with using the usual pencil eyeliner (pencil eyeliners smudge and fade away, leaving unattractive oily lines on my eyes anyway – yuck!). The formula is generally smudge- and water-proof anyway.

All-in-all, for RM42-48 or so depending on where you get it, it’s a pretty good buy! I’ve seen this in most Watsons and Guardian pharmacies as well as Sasa, so do give it a try.


10 thoughts on “Review: Empro Black Diamond Eyeliner (Fine Line, Liquid)

    • Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear that it’s worked perfectly for you 🙂 You’ve got a cute blog with great pictures! Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around more often.

    • Hi Charlotte, this product has a matte finish. Empro does not have any glossy finishes unfortunately, so if you’re looking for a glossy finish, I would recommend searching for liquid liners with a bit more shimmer to them.

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  2. I bought this when I lived in Jakarta, now I live in Florida and can’t find it anywhere! Where can I get some?

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