Hi, I’m domncroxd (butyoucancallmedom), and I’ve got peach fuzz.

It can be embarassing because I’m a girl. The last thing I want is to put a razor to my face or my epilator, so I thought that I’d be stuck forever with peach fuzz. When I was in my first year of uni, I saw a friend of mine using Nair’s Hair Removal Cream and I thought, “OK, maybe there is hope!” I bought the one meant for sensitive skin but ended up with burns on my face : ( *(read on to find out how ksuan felt when she saw my face back at uni). It’s alright, they’ve healed and all but I seriously don’t like peach fuzz. So when I finally saw Palmer’s No Blade Brush-On Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover, I thought that maybe this time depilating wouldn’t hurt as much.

Palmer's No Blade Brush-On Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover - Photo: Author's Own

It comes in a 75g/2.7oz bottle with a brush applicator. The applicator reminds me of those old school white-out brushes. What you’re supposed to do is wet your face thoroughly before brushing on the depilating cream.  It’s a really firm brush with long plastic bristles.

Brush head - there are individual plastic bristles, quite visible to the naked eye.

Brush head - there are individual plastic bristles, quite visible to the naked eye. Photo: Author's Own

Don’t rub it in and leave it for 4 minutes, max 5. You then use the spatula to help remove the hair or a warm washcloth. This cream has Vitamin E and cocoa butter to help leave some moisture on your skin.

No-blade spatula, curved to fit your face. Photo: Author's Own

No-blade spatula, curved to fit your face. Photo: Author's Own

So I guess you’d like to know if it works, right? Well, it does work if you leave it for the 4 minutes.


It hurts.

I’ve used it several times already, and every time I use it, I cringe because it really hurts. It stings my skin after the hair is removed and if you leave it on for more than 4 minutes, you may seriously burn. It happened to me when I tried to get rid of the peach fuzz just on my cheekbone and I really got it scabbed up. Last night I used it on my upper lip and left it for only 4 minutes, only to be greeted with the same burning feeling after I washed off the cream. My skin also kinda feels numb, but not pleasantly so.

So basically, I have smooth, hair-free skin but it’s red, painful and itchy. It also dries up your skin like nobody’s business and I was flaking at the corner of my mouth for a while. Me and my oily skin! Flaking!

I guess I’m hesitant to recommend this because of my skin reaction, and if you’ve got sensitive or thin skin, you may really want to stay away from this. While peach fuzz is irritating, I think that I personally may be making a huge fuss out of nothing – after all, I’m still recognizable as a woman and am definitely no Wolverine. Just be careful while using it – I started feeling the burning/itching sensation and immediately knew I should wipe it off. I think that while this depilating cream does a great job of melting off the hair (as it should do), it ate away at my skin too so I am not really happy with this.

Currently retails at RM20.80 on discount or RM26.00 at Watson’s. Just be careful if you do try it, and remember that spot tests on your arm will not indicate if your facial skin can take it as facial skin is so much more sensitive.  Unfortunately you do have to spot test on your face. If you use it and it burns, ensure you’ve got some soothing toners around (those sans alcohol) and a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer will help your skin heal better as well.

Here’s a list of the ingredients:

Water, cetyl alcohol, calcium hydroxide, thioglycolic acide, ceteth-20, mineral oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, theobroma cacao seed butter, limonene, geraniol, cinnamil aldehyde, SLS, tetrosdium EDTA, tocopheryl acetate, quaternium-15, CI77492.

* OH and yes – MSN conversation with ksuan:

ksuan says:
lol so many blablabla drafts
btw, palmer’s, OUCH
and i remember the day you used nair on your face pretty clearly
“suan ow ow suan it hurts ow”
“i thought you used the sensitive skin one”
“i DID”
“…  this sensitive skin one is not meant for face it’s meant for legs”
“… oh crap”

– Dom – says:
but this one is meant for faCE
ya i have the blahs
i used it again yesterday
…when did i use nair in front fo you?

ksuan says:
not in front of me
i came to visit you after you first used it
and you were really pink and blotchy
i asked what happened and you told me, said it hurt

Yup. That’s the story, nearly 3-4 years ago.


13 thoughts on “Review: Palmer’s No Blade Brush-On Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

  1. i go and get it waxed off, five mins, bunch of cringing and owwing, but it’s done. threading also works although I find it hurts more.

  2. Palmer’s No Blade Cream [Cocoa Butter Hair removal for body, wif Vit E (125 g)] that I recently bought at same price like u, is useless. Though I apply as per instructed on my armpit, I still didn’t get my hair removed. What happen? Mind tht “this product from USA, not tested on animal”! We should let d pengedar, Propharm at Jalan Ipoh, KL know!
    Plus I’m a male, but just got too many girl’s hormone
    U can read my blog here on how I fuss on it.

    • Hi there! Yeah – it’s just too bad that it either doesn’t work or it’s too harsh right? I think for body hair – try using an epilator instead. It’s a little machine that helps remove the hair by the roots and it’s not as painful as it sounds : ). I’m currently using an epilator by Braun and you can get the good ones at major electrical stores like Best Denki. Thank you for dropping by and please continue visiting us : )

  3. can i call u regarding this palmer’s mad product . uh please help . can i have ur phone number ? how to heal the red burning skin ?????

    • Hi Pija,

      You may email any queries to belledemoiselle87@gmail.com.

      In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you use very gentle products for now. Don’t use any products with alcohol. Products that I can recommend include Clinelle’s Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Soothing Toner. You can also use Clinelle’s moisturizer for dehydrated skin. If Clinelle is unavailable where you are, get a good moisturizer like Clinique’s Moisture Surge which will soothe your skin. Moisture is very important for healing your skin so do take care of it.

  4. OMG! I bought this product today because :-

    1) I wanted to buy something
    2) I liked the pink packaging (typical me!)
    3) I have used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter before and it smelt good and moisturised my skin well

    When I got home, I opened it up to check it out! OMG, it stinks like nobody’s business. I haven’t tried it yet…but after reading your review, I am a bit scared because my skin is really sensitive and if it burnt you, I’m sure it’ll burn me and I’d much rather have a tash than have a pink scabby upper lip!!

    Advice would be much appreciated!


    • Hey Ling, thanks so much for dropping by!

      I agree with you – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is sooooo nice and I really liked how it seemed to make my scars slightly lighter. I think as it’s a chemical depilatory, it will hurt for some people. What I would suggest is to thoroughly wet your upper lip, brush on the remover but don’t rub it in, and time out 2 minutes instead of 4. The moment 2 minutes it up, use the bladeless razor or a warm, damp soft towel to gently wipe in the opposite direction of hair growth. I find that the damp towel works best. 2 minutes probably will not remove all the tash but it will give you an idea of how sensitive your skin is. If your skin does start to prickle, do remove it quickly. I then use an alcohol-free toner and a lot of moisturizer – usually Clinique’s Moisture Surge or something intensely hydrating – to help ease the itch/redness and promote quicker healing.

      Let me know how it goes for you!

  5. I have a couple stray hairs on my chin that i usually just plucked out. But i was considering getting them permanently removed. I’ve already done laser removal on my underarm area. I love the results from that.
    I was also reading about the tria. Its a home laser removal system. It had some pretty good reviews and was about $400. But considering the price of removal at a clinic, its not bad.

  6. i bought it too.yeah,my skin so hurt after using it,and it turns red. can i ask?do u still using it or u change to other product?

    • Hi Enn, I still use this occasionally but I don’t do the whole face at the same time. I do one part each time so that the timing is correct – 4 minutes on the dot. After that, I quickly wash my face with warm water and a towel – but don’t pull your face. I quickly dab a bit of Vitamin E oil and some Clinique Moisture Surge to help it stay hydrated.

  7. hi, i already bought new hair removal. it’s Body Natur Hair Removal Cream. it’s written on the package ‘for sensitive skin’. after my upper lip heals (coz of the Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover), i wanna try it. but a bit afraid. i already test it on my arm. it’s fine. but i’m afraid it will do opposite reaction if i use it on my face.

  8. Omg so I was a bit weary of using this because of the bad reviews i had come across and after two weeks of wondering what to do i finally used it. I only did a small patch test kinda above my jawbone on the left side of my face and i left it on for exactly 4 minutes i couldnt feel anything in those 4 minutes but when i grabbed the spatula to take it off i could feel the stinging and the pain. after washing my face and drying it it is now hurting so much its red and feels like it burnt away a layer of my skin theres a few bumps and its really sore arghhhhh why did i even use this product!

  9. This product doesn’t work. I have coarse, dark hair on my jawline, chin and neck area from a hormone imbalance and have been threading all the while. I thought of trying the Palmer’s Facial Hair Removal cream to help in between threading sessions and save some money too, but BOY WAS IT A HUGE MISTAKE.

    It doesn’t remove hair at all (apart from fine hairs) and burns the skin once it’s removed even if you don’t leave it on the whole 4 minutes. I have spots on my skin where the burns are that are now turning white in colour and I have brown skin! Wherever the hair was removed, there are black spots from stubble still poking out 😦

    I dont’ know which is worse – the fact that I’m doomed from a hormone imbalance or having to resort to threading my face for the rest of my life… sigh…

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