It appears that online clothes, shoes and makeup shopping has become a true phenomenon in this day and age. From girls like you and I selling their pre-loved tops and shorts to big names like Asos.com peddling their beautiful (and expensive!) wares online, the Internet is awash with online boutiques selling anything you could ask for. But how do you know which sites out there offer quality, well-cut, well-made pieces? Photographs can be deceiving – plus, a six-foot-tall, 55kg, buxom model with cascading wavy hair and legs that begin at her armpits could make a potato sack cutout look attractive, let alone a clumsily cut dress.

So where would I go if I wanted to buy a beautifully made, versatile dress from a reliable, professional online boutique?

Please allow me to introduce you to my friends at  Mylo + Athena.

Mylo + Athena

Wholly owned and run by two wonderful and dynamic young professional women who have been best friends for many years, this online boutique offers a lovely range of clothes and accessories styled a little bit differently than the typical blogshop out there – I call it elegant, effortless, classy chic.

Intrigued to see what they have to offer? Read on to find out more about Mylo + Athena!

Mylo + Athena explains the philosophy behind their boutique here – and I believe that many of us echo their thoughts exactly. We want a piece of clothing to reflect us – our personality, a little piece of who are are, something that makes us feel confident, beautiful and comfortable walking down the street (and it’s perfectly okay we manage to a head or two while we’re at it … don’t you think? As long as the “see, no touch” rule is firmly enforced, of course). And for once, we’d like to be able to accomplish that without burning a giant, gaping hole through our wallets or melting down our credit cards to fizzing plastic mush thanks to overswiping.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the current M+A collection:

ksuan's M+A favourites

Clockwise from top left: the Audrey dress, the Allison dress, the Marlene dress and the Alex Houndstooth dress.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of solid colours and timeless style (i.e. dresses that can be worn more than once, on more than one occasion!). I love the Audrey because it’s structured, elegant and the red contrasts starkly with the black trimming – lots of subtle character. I love the Allison because it’s versatile, completely work-friendly and looks so professional paired with a nice black belt and black pumps. I love the Marlene because it has such a unique collar that draws the eye to the clavicle, not the bustline (for once!) and the chic sheen of the satin material it is made from adds a touch of posh to the look. The Houndstooth dress is not a piece I would usually wear at all, but I am drawn to the piece beacuse it combines a soft, feminine top with a slimming houndstooth-patterned pencil skirt bottom – great combination, easy to dress up or dress down as you want to. These four are just my favourites, and I’m sure that upon skimming the site, you will quickly discover a few pieces that will endear themselves to you too! And before you ask, no, their prices do not burn holes in wallets or melt credit cards – dresses hover between RM60 and RM139, with nothing on their site priced above RM140.

I know many women are reluctant to shop online because they worry that they may not fit into that coveted piece. What we fit into at any given time depends not just on how much dinner you had an hour ago, but particularly on brand, cut, and sizing system in whichever country you’re buying from (as a travel bug, I can attest to trying to fathom the many different sizing systems deeply aggravating). However, at M+A you won’t ever have to fret about sizing and wondering whether a certain piece will fit you or otherwise.

The M+A team includes the exact measurements of each and every piece sold on their site, so all you need to do is cross-check the numbers with your own vital statistics and you’re ready to shop! Also, it’s wise to get to know your body and which cuts are flattering on you so you have an easier time narrowing your options down when you’re shopping (i.e. sweetheart necklines can draw a lot of unwanted attention to a girl with assets, only leggy types can pull off short shorts à la Kylie Minogue – you get the gist of it!).

Apart from dresses, M+A also sells tops, bottoms, swimwear, belts and purses, and gorgeous handcrafted Swarovski crystal earrings from the Alyphant Collection. They offer free shipping for shoppers all over Malaysia and Singapore, with very reasonable rates for international shipping. I’ve shopped with them before, and trust me – their clothes arrive quick (by quick, I mean in two days). Also, the M+A team is vivacious, friendly and incredibly efficient – they reply all queries within 48 hours.

Needless to say, I am keeping my eyes peeled for their new collection, which will include long toga dresses, Japanese lace overlay dresses, a few beautiful tulle-inspired pieces and more (for a quick preview of what’s in store, click here).

I hope you will be too!

PS: M+A currently has a sale on many of its dresses, with discounts of up to 30% off each piece. Girls, if you like exposed zippers, solid-coloured dresses in black or electric blue, or floral prints, you need to check it out!


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