As previously mentioned, I was never a lippy girl. Didn’t think I needed it as I have full lips and was afraid that adding too much colour to them would make my lips look like a bee-stung version of Angelina Jolie’s – plus, my lips are always naturally pinkish all by their lonesome, so why bother sprucing them up, right?


And all it took for me to be proven adamantly wrong were a read of these entries on lipstains by the ladies of So Loverly. I have since been inspired, and my foray into the lipstain world began.

Here is my very first lipstain, the offending one that started my love affair with lipstains: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in shade 01, Pink Rose.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in 01 Pink Rose - Photo courtesy of thebodyshop-usa.com

To find out more, read on!

The Body Shop’s website declares the following about this lip and cheek stain:

Best if you want to: Give cheeks a healthy glow and lips a wash of color with a dual-purpose stain that complements all complexions.
Best for: all skin tones

What it is designed to do:
* Gel-based formulation is fast drying and easy to blend.
* Glycerin and pathenol moisturize lips and improve hydration.
* Angled applicator brush and well on the stem pack is designed for easy application, while minimizing product spillage.

So you get a better idea of what this colour looks like, here’s a swatch from The Body Shop’s website. I know it’s a bit bright – but don’t be put off by the colour at first glance! When it’s swatched on skin, it still looks quite pink, but transparent and shiny. The stain’s formula is gel-based, so no spillage or dripping when swiped on – yet still feels fluid. Also, true to form, it dries a bit quicker than water, so a quick swipe ensued by pressing lips together does the trick and gives you nice, even pinkness on the lips. If you’re after more brightness and pinkness, just swipe twice and you have sweet cherry-pink smackers. Afterward, apply a layer of lipbalm over the stain for a nice glossy sheen to complete the look. All in all the colour is very feminine and rather sweet without overwhelming the rest of the face (read: two layers is just enough for a perky look – three would be taking it too far).

Skin tone match-wise, I think it would look quite good on most women because the intensity of the colour depends so much on your layering and what you pair it with. I find the one-layer-of-stain look versatile and easy enough to complement with any work outfit, whether formal or casual. The two-layered look gives the face a bit of pop for evenings, and is a nice, highly wearable alternative to the deep red luscious-lips look that only a select type of woman can pull off without looking a bit like Morticia Addams.

The doe’s foot brush is also a winner. It makes for such easy swipe-on application, and is far more practical than the nail polish applicator brush included with many other tints/stains. The well design of the stain tube is great as well, it contains the gel in the tube so that no unfortunate spilling occurs despite constant jiggling and tumbling about in the dark depths of a handbag or purse.

One other great thing about this product is that it really lasts. No reapplication needed throughout the day, despite meals and all that jazz! All you need to do after eating or drinking is put on lipbalm on over lips again and that keeps the colour in perfectly. Plus, the glycerin and panthenol in the product keeps lips from drying out completely. Good stuff.

Pour conclure, me likey. Plus, at RM29.90 a pop, I definitely see this lip and cheek stain as an affordable substitute to the widely-coveted and rather pretty (but expensive) Benetint and Posie Tint stains. Admittedly, I have not attempted to use this as a cheek stain as of yet (am happy with my Clinique tricoloured blush that I received as a sample from another purchase) – but I am so thoroughly enjoying this as a lipstain alone that the stain’s dual purpose simply serves as a bonus! Worth a try and worth a buy – and if you’re not charmed by the rosy pink shade, it comes in a couple of other colours as well (both of which are bronzish and very shimmery, I would think they’d look better as cheek stains – cannot find their swatches on thebodyshop-usa.com unfortunately, but if you go down to your closest Body Shop outlet, they’ll be there on display)!


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