Dear TBS (The Body Shop),

When I was much younger, I loved going to your retail outlets and sniffing out all the glamorous, pretty scents and wondering what each product did for my face, hair, and body. The same allure has held for me since then, and I’m now 22 years old. The best part now is I’m earning my own bread, so you know, me and you – we can be good friends right?

Remember the review I did on your Seaweed facial exfoliator? That was a pretty amazing product. I also ended up purchasing the Vitamin C Skin Boost serum during your sale. Haven’t tried, but read some great reviews. You were also there for me when I felt cheap and thought, “Wow, at RM29.90, this Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel is a steal for 250ml!”

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel - Photo Courtesy of BodyShop.Com

I gleefully plonked down my credit card and said, “YES I WILL BUY THIS!”. Trotted home and used it immediately. What did I think?

Hmmm, it’s got a very light scent. Not as fruity or sweet as some of your TBS stuff (I’m looking at your Cranberry range). There was a slight sourish smell that was vaguely unpleasant but not a huge turn-off. The listed ingredients include aloe vera, glycerin, and passion fruit (of course), and was touted to gently cleanse, lift impurities without excessive drying and leave skin soft and comfortable.

Shows up as a clear gel, about the size of a RM0.10 coin - Photo: Author's Own

I like that it’s a gel as I’ve got oily skin. Was looking forward to having a nice, thoroughly clean face, so I lathered up immediately.

Lathering...up? - Photo: Author's Own

Erm. I really like lather.

No matter how much I try to lather up...sigh - Photo: Author's Own

OK, so maybe this doesn’t lather up much. It’s okay TBS, I know that not all cleansers are made equal. If anything, I have heard that too much lather isn’t good for the skin as it can be drying. Oh, I forgot to add – I use this right after my make-up remover at night.

I used this cleansing gel for about a month. TBS, I’m sorry to say, but I do not like this Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel. My skin started looking dull, it didn’t feel smooth, and it didn’t clean as well as I wanted to. I had to use a lot to feel like it was working to clean my skin, but my skin still felt tired and icky.

What bugged me out was just how dull my skin looked. For Rm29.90 (200ml), it is affordable, and I admire your values as a green company. However, this is going back to my ‘never-try-again’ drawer. I think you’re more suitable for normal and/or dry skins, because skin with more sebum may need something that will cut through a bit more effectively. I know now that maybe Passion isn’t too good if you’re cleansing off heavy makeup, but with light makeup (e.g. powder only), it’s still OK if I double-cleanse.

Well TBS, don’t be discouraged. I still like you. I still need to review that Vitamin C Skin Boost. Oh, also, please bring back the original Spa Wisdom salt scrub : ).




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