Lately, my skin has been more oily than usual (I think its protesting the rapid fluctations in weather, going from incredibly hot and dry to pouring down rain to hot and humid in the space of a short workday) and in dire need of some oil-control love. It’s also been a while since I’d used a facial scrub.

Now, scrubs are always tricky for me because my skin has always been quite sensitive, and that sensitivity has since been exacerbated since I used Ro-Accutane to get rid of my acne in 2007/2008. Scrubs with large granules à la the St Ives Apricot Scrub range which I love (for body use only though!) have wreaked havoc on my skin before, and the ones with micro-sized granules don’t do anything for me either. Additionally, many scrubs contain harsh and acidic elements such as salicylic acid, which can cause dryness, patchy redness and increased sun sensitivity.

After a little hunting about, I came across this just last week:

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub - Photo courtesy of Simple.co.uk

Want to know more? Read on!

The Simple UK website says:

Our Oil Balancing Facial Scrub is a perfect blend of active ingredients and exfoliating goodness to remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities. Clinically proven to reduce blackheads and blemished in just 7 days. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

WITCH HAZEL helps reduce blemishes
NATURAL ZINC PCA gently absorbs excess oil
RICE POWDER exfoliates and smoothes

VITAMIN E moisturises to improve skin condition
PRO-VITAMIN B5 actively restores, softens and smoothes

No UNNECESSARY or HARSH CHEMICALS so it won’t upset your skin
Dermatologically Tested and Approved

UK brand Simple is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The fact that it has been around for so long has to say something about its staying power and reliability. I particularly like its no fragrance or colour policy, because I’ve heard that up to 85% of  bad reactions to skincare products are caused by fragrance and colouring intolerances – and I am decidedly one of those people whose skins dislike unnecessary additives.

The scrub itself is quite creamy in texture, but not cloying or thick. It’s quite easy to work into the skin with the fingertips in circular strokes, and you can feel it exfoliating without being too harsh – just a couple of minutes of gentle scrubbing does the trick just right. The granules in the scrub are coarse rice powder, and they are quite small so they do the scrubbing job delicately – no scouring pad-like aftermath!

The witch hazel in the scrub keeps it feeling fresh and light during and after scrubbing, and zinc is one of the best oil absorbing agents out there (certain variants of zinc also protect skin from UVA/UVB rays, making zinc a common component in many sunscreens – more on that in another entry later!). Vitamins B5 and E are also famously skin-enriching nutrients, and prove good additions to the scrub for their moisturising and healing properties.

After scrubbing, my skin felt good – clean and refreshed. Not overdried or raw, and no awkward shiny T-zone effect that one often gets after using a slightly abrasive product. It also didn’t become oily and sweaty again immediately after stepping out of a cool shower into sticky Malaysian heat, which was a welcome change.

Also, price-wise, this scrub is a steal. A 75ml tube costs RM19.90, and Guardian is currently having a 15% off promotion on all Simple products – so I purchased my tube for RM16.90.

Pour conclure, for a budget scrub, I am all in favour of Simple’s Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub. However, I will have to use it for a longer stretch of time (i.e. more than a week!) to see if it does anything to help rid me of my blackheads and whiteheads. It is gentle enough for normal-skinned girls to use on a daily basis, but for sensitive skins, I would recommend using this three times a week to start and building from there if you find your skin amenable to daily exfoliation. And do remember to moisturise afterward!


4 thoughts on “(Preliminary) Review: Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub

  1. i would love to try this scrub! but sadly, i cant find it in any watsons nor guardian here in s’pore. maybe its just my luck. 😦

    • Hey Sarah!

      Thanks for dropping by! I’ve only ever found this Simple product in Malaysian outlets, but not in Singapore for some reason. If one day you have the time, hop over to JB and swing by a Watsons there – good luck, and thanks for reading!

      – ksuan

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks for reading! Yes, it is suitable for combination skin. I’d suggest not using it every day though, to start, and seeing how your skin reacts and feels before taking it any further 🙂 Hope this helps!

      – ksuan

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