Stumbled upon this at ShuUemura.com and immediately wished that this was in Malaysia! *I haven’t seen this around yet, so do let me know if it’s already here so that I can rush to get this!*

Shu Uemura puRENovate - Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Who can resist such a pretty-looking range? Read on to find out more!

The website says that the puRENovate range is

inspired by the mystic blooming power of water lilly and its long time appreciated medical use; shu uemura introduces its first purifying program to answer combination and oily skin concerns.

designed to fight against external skin stresses such as UV / pollution and internal hormonal stresses that create excess oil. the skin looks clean and mat with less visible appearance of pores.

In summary, this range is derived from water lily extract and is tailored for combination/oily skin.
There are currently 3 products in this range: 1) Lotion, 2) Essence, and 3) Moisturizer. Currently, no cleansers are part of this range although I daresay that you can find a suitable one from the famous SU Cleansing Oil range.

puRENovate Clarifying Refreshing Lotion - Photo courtesy of ShuUemura.com

The lotion retails at USD35.00 (150ml)online on ShuUemura.com and the benefits touted are gentle exfoliation and refining action while maintaining ideal moisture balance.

puRENovate Intense Pore Perfecting Solution - Photo courtesy of ShuUemura.com

The solution, or essence, retails for USD45.00 (30ml) online. It works to visibly reduce pore size and shine – this reminds me of Estee Lauder’s Idealist. Here’s the description from the site:

Contains the highest concentration of water lily extract, known for its ability to purify the skin. Pores instantly appear tightened and minimized, lasting all day long. Skin appears smoother and more refined.

puRENovate Clarifying Balancing Moisturizer - Photo Courtesy of ShuUemura.com

Finally, the moisturizer is described as a gel-like moisturizer that mattifies the skin while maintaining ideal moisture balance, with special polyamide microspheres absorb excess oil to refine the skin, while water lily extract purifies, for a matte yet radiant complexion. This moisturizer retails at USD50.00 for 50ml.

All in all, a very tempting offer from Shu Uemura. Let’s wait for it to reach our shores!


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