Continuing in the vein of Bobbi Brown products, I am here to present my findings on one of my favourite Bobbi Brown products of all time. I’d heard Bobbi Brown products described as boring before, but I find their shades so natural, earthy, scattered with gorgeous browns and peaches and pinks, and best of all, they carry lots of products with yellow undertones (Asian skintoned girls all over the world cheer!). I was also impressed with how Bobbi Brown herself said that her makeup range was meant to be simple, flattering and wearable – and wanted to test her philosophy out for myself.

I started out by purchasing Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit from the Bobbi’s Essentials line in beige, which has a pale yellow undertone. It comes in a small, practical little dual purpose container of the likes of this:

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit - Photo courtesy of bobbibrowncosmestics.com

Read on to find out more!

This little corrector/concealer kit combines a Creamy Concealer on the top tier and a matching Sheer Finish Loose Powder on the bottom. The top cover also has a mirror in it, and the kit comes with a miniature Bobbi Brown powder buff.

According to the website, for best results, one should apply eye cream under the eyes before using a concealer brush to blend in the creamy concealer, and then setting it with the loose powder. I found it worked fine even without applying eye cream beforehand, so long as I moisturised my entire face prior to application.

There are a multitude of factors that make this product so great. First of all, the Creamy Concealer’s colour! It blends beautifully into my skintone and looks incredibly natural, while hiding traces of undereye bags and dark circles effectively. The yellow undertone ensures no pinkness or stark pastiness against the rest of my face. To the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter attendants, I would never have figured out what concealer tone worked best against my skin without their guidance, so make sure you ask them for advice if you’re thinking of purchasing.

Secondly, the texture. I was skeptical at first after dipping my concealer brush into it, thinking it was too creamy and thick – but it felt nice and light when initially applied, even better after blending because it smoothened out and hid all my imperfections. The trick is to use very little to start, and to gradually build up to the amount of coverage you desire. I personally found that using it in very small amounts worked best – and while the website recommends the use of a brush, I am most happy with results after applying with the brush and then gently blending with my ring fingertip.

Thirdly, the staying power. I, of the oily skinned clan, have always found it challenging to find a concealer that not only provides good coverage but doesn’t slough or flake off in dryness, doesn’t melt off in heat and humidity, and doesn’t get all shiny after a few hours of wear. This concealer does not commit any of the three aforementioned crimes, thus gaining it a permanent spot in my favourites book.

Finally, the practicality of the kit itself. The combined concealer and setting powder is useful because it eliminates the need to buy them separately (costs more), the colours already match one another so there’s no need to go through twice the stress of matching colours to your skintone, and the kit is small enough that you can tote it around with you in your handbag or purse.

My only (minor) gripe with the design of this kit is that after a bit of tumbling about in a bag, the powder in the bottom compartment of the kit does tend to spill out and create a slight mess when you reopen it. It’d be great if the design could emulate that of Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder SPF15 container that comes with a protective cap – hopefully they will do something about that design fault soon.

Pour conclure, I am very satisfied with my first Bobbi Brown experience.  I think it was quite worth the RM126 I paid for it because not only does it do everything a concealer is supposed to do; it does so with a touch of style and grace (never mind the awkwardness of the powder compartment, but no product is perfect).

I’ve received lots of compliments on how much brighter my eyes look after I’ve used this product, with many friends asking what I use – and I’m always more than happy to share. So here I am sharing with you! Hope this entry inspires you to take a look around for yourselves!


6 thoughts on “Review: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

  1. I use this stuff as well and love it. Covers up my dark eye circles beautifully. Only grouses? It sinks into fine lines if I don’t set it properly with powder and it makes my mascara smudge.

    • Hi Eli!

      Thanks for dropping in! Hm, didn’t realise it made mascara smudge – what brand of mascara do you use by the way? Am still looking for the perfect one.

      – ksuan

  2. I felt that Bobbi Brown products are boring, a few years ago. But guess what? The Creamy Concealer Kit was my first purchase too and I dived straight in, now I am her big fan. I love this kit, I use it most of the time.

    • Hi Joey,

      So glad you’re a fan too! It bodes well when a makeup artist such as yourself endorses a product, because after all, you guys know best!

      – ksuan

  3. Hi Ksuan,
    There are so many products in the market nowadays, even as a makeup artist, it is impossible to know-it-all and try-them-all. Am real delighted to have found this site with reviews from two different perspectives. Keep all the good reviews coming 🙂 And thank you for all the reviews done so far!!

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